Porter’s 5 Forces Templates for Keynote

Michael Porter created a model that allows analyzing competition in a particular market segment. He included 5 main forces that influence competition. The analysis allows a skilled businessman to assess the situation on the market. As a result, a manager can develop the right ways to succeed and compete with other companies within the chosen market segment.

The model consists of the following forces. The threat of entering new players. Consumers power. Suppliers power. The introduction of substitute goods. Competition within the chosen market segment. According to the model, if the influence of these factors is strong, a company has more threats. If they influence an enterprise to a small degree, the company feels more stable on the market. The model is a crucial element of strategic management. However, it is also used in marketing. If you want to read more information about Porter’s five forces model, click here.

Below, we offer unique slides that will help display the results of the analysis. Users can choose any Porter’s 5 forces Keynote template and use it in their presentations. A premade slide will help structure the information obtained and clearly visualize it. Our tools will make your work easy and pleasant.

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