Circular Diagram Templates

Circular diagram displays data values as percentages of the whole. Categories are represented by separate segments. The size of each segment is determined by its corresponding value. Circular diagrams are usually used to display percentages.
A circular diagram is recommended if:

only one row of data is to be displayed;
all data and numbers are non-negative;
almost all data are greater than zero;

There are no more than seven categories, each of which corresponds to parts of the general circle.
The slides from Circular diagram PowerPoint Template section are often used during business and marketing presentations, preparation of presentation materials for investors, customers. These templates are necessary tools for any accouter, manager, other employee.
It is convenient to use this type of diagrams if you want to show the share of each value within the total volume. The sectors can be represented both in the general circle, and separately, located at a small distance from each other.
The circular diagrams remain clear only if the number of parts of the chart population is small. If there are too many parts of the diagram, its application is inefficient due to the insignificant difference between the structures compared.

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