Dashboard PowerPoint Templates

A dashboard is the way of visual data presentation. This data is grouped by its meaning on one screen for easier information perception. Dashboards are very useful and can help solve a number of problems. For example, provide an interface for collecting data, compile specialized reports, alerts, display forecasts and forecast models in a convenient form.

Dashboards can be divided into 3 categories: managerial or strategic; analytical; operating. The first group is aimed at a general overview of the company. The second one reflects the main development trends and indicators within one company unit. The third group gives a detailed idea of certain aspects of doing business. Each type of dashboard should be used for its purpose. It is important to understand who uses it and for what purposes. Each chart and indicator should be justified. If the dashboard is overloaded with data, it will become more difficult to interpret information. As a result, the dashboard will become less effective. A more detailed article on this topic is available on the link. Below, you’ll find a wide range of PowerPoint dashboard templates that will make work easier. They will help visualize any information and make topics clear.

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