Funnel Diagram Templates

The funnel diagram allows you to visualize a linear process that has successive associated steps. The shape of the funnel visually shows the state of the monitored process. The Funnel diagram PowerPoint Template section includes a number of slides with the diagrams of such type that are widely used in marketing and business.
Each stage of the funnel represents a fraction of the total. Thus, in most cases, the diagram has the shape of a funnel: the first stage is the largest, and each subsequent stage is smaller than the previous one.
The funnel diagram is mostly used for the following purposes:

when the data is consistent and pass at least four stages;
when it is expected that the number of “elements” in the first stage exceeds the number in the last stage;
to calculate and monitor performance and retention indicators;
to calculate potential indicators (income, sales, transactions, etc.) by stages;
to track the progress and success of advertising and marketing campaigns;
to identify bottlenecks in the linear process;

The ready-made slides gathered in this section will help you to cope with these tasks, simplify work, and make the presentation clearer, and more accessible.