Gears Templates for PowerPoint

Infographics are information presented in the form of graphic images. With the help of PowerPoint gears infographics, one can easily and clearly present even the most complex theses. For example, the story of who a web designer is. In the text form, we need 10 thousand characters or 5 A4 pages. Alternatively, one can just draw a picture: there is a web designer with glasses and a laptop under an arm. Additional icons will indicate duties. Of course, such information is easier to read and easier to remember.

For the first time, infographics appeared in the media: newspapers and magazines. It is clear that there is a lot of information, numbers, facts. Sometimes it is difficult to perceive such information. If you transform all this data into pictures, it will be easier for the reader to catch the essence. In 1982, the USA Today newspaper was published in the USA. It actively used this technique. It combined pictures and text. It is not surprising that for several years the newspaper entered the top five leaders of the country.

Subsequently, infographics distributed to websites. Nowadays, it is actively used as a marketing tool. Also, it is possible to find it in design and promotion. Below, you’ll see gears PowerPoint templates that will help you make vivid infographics.

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