Maps templates

Infographics on the Internet are full of maps, where you can find everything and any part of the world. In presentations, maps are not so common. Nevertheless, such Maps for PowerPoint are used in geography presentation as well as business. The slides collected in this section, can perform the following functions:

Set the direction: where to go and what to get. (Show how to get to the office of the company – a common version at the end of the presentations or on the site in the “Contacts” section).
Indicate the location of the object in the context of geography (it is possible to mark the city, country or landmarks on the map. In a business presentation, these are customers, partners, suppliers, production points, sales regions).
Display the geographic distribution of data, goods, services.
Visualize the level of obesity in South America, unemployment rate in the world or demand for company goods.

These are the most vivid options for using maps, but you can overdo it and play with visualization. To simplify your life, we’ve collected maps for PowerPoint for you to use in the presentation. At your disposal: globes, maps of various countries (all around the world) in different formats, ready for editing.

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