Segmented Circles Templates

A circular chart is one of the widely used visualization tools. It is perfect when a user wants to display the proportion of each analyzed element within the whole 100% circle. Visually, it resembles a pie that is cut into pieces. In this case, the pie is the whole unit. And a piece is a constituent that is included in the unit. There can be a different number of segments. However, it is not recommended to add more than 5 segments on one circular chart. This is because 6 and more pieces will make it more difficult to perceive information. While the circular chart (like any other visualization tool) is used to simplify the topic consideration. You can find a more detailed article about circle charts here.

The circular chart allows visualizing figures, data, and text. It is widely used in marketing and business. When it is necessary to prepare a report or an analysis, speakers give preference to such visualization tools for their presentations. By the way, below, you’ll find a wide range of PowerPoint segmented circle templates. These are unique professional slides. Users choose them to visualize information and prepare presentations for a speech. A premade slide will help simplify the workflow and perception. Even a complicated question will be easier perceived.

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