4p Marketing Mix Example

What is the marketing mix for?

Marketing model is a useful tool that help marketers analyze the target market, find the ways to promote the product, set a price, find out the main competitors. But we have the tool that will help you to make this process easier, present the results of such research logically and clearly – a premade 4p Marketing Mix Example template. This slide includes a comprehensive scheme for a classical version of the model.

Standard marketing mix, as a rule, covers the analysis according to its four main components:

  • Product (variations with product assortment and consumer properties: technical parameters, design, service, packaging, delivery, etc.);
  • Price (setting prices that are optimal in terms of correlating the benefits of the seller and the buyer, as well as discounts on the product’s price for different cases and groups of customers);
  • Place of sales (selection of distribution channels, outlets, distribution companies, etc.);
  • Promotion (such areas of action as the development and implementation of promotional activities, sales promotion, organization of public relations and personal sales).

The specific content of the marketing mix depends on many parameters:

  • first of all, on the characteristics of the market (industry) and the product (for example, on the length of its life cycle);
  • the capabilities of the company itself – for example, on the size of the marketing budget, the experience of the marketing department staff and other factors.

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