5 Steps to Success Using OSCAR Coaching Model

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The premium slide presentation template, designed for the OSCAR Coaching Model, is a dynamic and visually appealing tool for coaches and trainers. It outlines “5 Steps to Success” using the OSCAR framework, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply. The template features engaging graphics and structured layouts, ensuring that each step of Outcome, Situation, Choices and Consequences, Actions, and Review is clearly presented. This professional design aids in effective communication and learning, making it a valuable asset for coaching sessions and workshops.

Mastering the OSCAR Coaching Model with Our Premium Slide Presentation Template

Discover the power of effective coaching with our premium slide presentation template, meticulously designed to complement the OSCAR coaching model. This resource is a must-have for coaches and mentors seeking to enhance their coaching conversations and drive meaningful change. With compatibility across PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, and a versatile 16:9 aspect ratio, this template is perfect for diverse coaching environments.

  1. Customizable Design: Each slide is fully editable with vector shapes, allowing you to tailor your presentation to your specific coaching style and the needs of your coachee.
  2. OSCAR Model Integration: The template seamlessly incorporates the OSCAR model, developed by Karen Whittleworth and Andrew Gilbert, ensuring a structured coaching approach focusing on the desired outcome and current situation of your team member or mentee.

Using the Template:

Step 1: Identify the Outcome

  • Start by defining the ‘outcome’ the coachee wants to achieve. This sets the stage for a solutions-focused coaching session.

Step 2: Assess the Current Situation

  • Analyze the current situation, fostering an open dialogue between the coach and coachee. This promotes awareness and lays the groundwork for actionable steps.

Step 3: Explore Choices and Consequences

  • Utilize the slides to brainstorm potential paths, generating alternative solutions and understanding their consequences. This encourages the coachee to take ownership and responsibility.

Step 4: Formulate an Action Plan

  • Develop a clear and achievable action plan. Our template guides you through setting attainable milestones and action steps, ensuring that both the coach and the employee are aligned.

Step 5: Review and Reflect

  • The review stage is crucial. Regularly check in on progress, reassess goals, and make necessary adjustments. This iterative process fosters long-term growth and development.

Benefits of Using Our Template:

  • Enhances the coaching process by providing a clear and structured framework.
  • Encourages the team member to actively engage and take responsibility for their personal development.
  • Offers a visual and interactive way to achieve their goals, particularly useful in team-based or organizational settings.


By using our premium slide presentation template, you’re not just presenting information; you’re creating an interactive and engaging environment for effective coaching. Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or new to the field, this template is a valuable tool in guiding your coaching conversations and helping your coachees or team members achieve their desired outcomes. Elevate your coaching sessions today with this indispensable resource.


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