6 Pieces Circle Puzzle Free PPT Template

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The 6 Pieces Circle Puzzle Free PPT Template is a dynamic and versatile tool perfect for presentations that aim to illustrate interconnected ideas or stages of a project. Each piece of the puzzle can represent a unique aspect or phase, making it a visually engaging way to communicate complex ideas or processes to your audience. The customizable nature of this template allows presenters to modify colors, text, and graphics to align with their brand or the topic at hand, making it a handy asset for both corporate and educational slideshow.

Discover the 6 Pieces Circle Puzzle Free PPT: Your Go-To Template for Engaging Presentations

Introducing the 6 Pieces Puzzle Free PPT template, an ideal choice for individuals seeking to solve complex ideas and present them in a digestible format. This template is a free clipart asset for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, making it a universal tool for your slide needs. The template comes with a standard aspect ratio of 16:9, making it a perfect fit for modern display screens.

Download and Access the Template

Begin by downloading the template from a reliable source. Once downloaded, open it using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. You’ll be greeted with a circular puzzle design awaiting your creative input.

At the heart of this template is a puzzle ball design comprising six puzzle pieces. Each piece is a vector shape, fully editable to suit your slideshow theme. The round design can be likened to a soccer ball puzzle, where each six piece segment can be taken apart and put back together, symbolizing the interconnectivity of ideas or processes.


  • Full editable vector shape: Customize every shape and element to your liking.
  • Flat design: A modern, flat design aesthetic that appeals to professional and educational audiences alike.
  • Jigsaw puzzle theme: The six-piece jigsaw theme is not just a game, but a powerful visual metaphor for solving problems and piecing ideas back together.

Customizing Your Puzzle

  1. Inserting Images:
    • Click on a puzzle piece.
    • Go to the “Insert” tab.
    • Select “Picture” to insert an image from your device.
  2. Modifying Shapes:
    • Select a puzzle piece.
    • Utilize the “Format” tab to change colors, outlines, and effects to match your branding or topic.
  3. Adding Text:
    • Click on a puzzle piece.
    • Type your text or paste it from another source.

Assembling the Puzzle

Once each piece has been customized to represent different aspects of your topic, it’s time to assemble the puzzle. Ensure that each piece logically leads to the next, portraying a coherent narrative or process flow. The simple design of the 6 piece puzzle makes it easy to put them back together, forming a sphere of knowledge for your audience.

Review your slide to ensure every side of the puzzle conveys the intended message accurately. Feel free to make any necessary adjustments to perfect your presentation before showcasing it to your audience.

The 6 Pieces Puzzle Free PPT is more than a slide; it’s a pathway to illustrating complex scenarios in a manner that’s engaging and easy to follow. Whether dissecting a cause and solution, or piecing two pieces, three pieces, or more of a narrative together, this template is your companion in delivering a compelling, professional presentation.


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