7 Step Communication Development Pyramid

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The 7 Step Communication Development Pyramid should be considered when planning the educational process. Learning a new language consists of several successive stages, which can be represented as a pyramid.

At the base of the pyramid is Pre-Verbal & Early Interaction, then it is possible to move on to the next step Attention & Listening. Play and Understanding are the next stages in the development of communicative language skills. Only at stage five, the Talking. Pragmatics and Speech Sounds are the final stages of the communication skills pyramid.

Each step of the learning pyramid ppt is important and you can’t move to the next without mastering the previous ones. The communication development pyramid does not describe the time periods for each skill in the educational process, but is a communications roadmap template.

Results pyramid ppt can serve as a visual aid for long-term planning of language learning, or be part of the presentation material as part of a thematic presentation.

The PowerPoint template communication communication plan development pyramid, is a slide with text-graphic information. The graphic part is located on the left side of the slide. The PPT pyramid consists of 7 consecutive elements.

All elements are created with built-in PowerPoint tools and are easy to edit. You can change the color, size, position of each object.

Features Communications roadmap development pyramid template:

  • The template includes one unique slide with an infographic and text description.
  • All elements (graphic and text) included in the PPT template can be easily edited in the MS Office PowerPoint workspace.
  • This roadmap template can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • The slide can be printed on an office printer, used to demonstrate on a projector or electronically.
  • The presentation pyramid ppt for the education process is based on the “Calibri” font that is on every computer. Also, the PowerPoint template supports XML color palettes, including the default MS Office color schemes.

Planning the effective learning process for the medium and long term is a responsible and time-consuming process. Using the 7 Step Communication Development Pyramid you will save time on design and be able to focus all your attention on the informative part of the presentation.

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