9 Box Model McKinsey Talent Management Matrix

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The 9 Box Model by McKinsey is a widely utilized talent management tool designed to evaluate and map an organization’s employees based on their performance and potential. This matrix allows leaders to identify high performers, potential leaders, and those who might need further development or support. Presented in a blank slide template, this framework provides a visual platform for discussing talent strategy, succession planning, and developmental needs.

Unveiling the 9 Box Grid Matrix Model: The Ultimate Guide to Talent Management

In today’s dynamic business world, effective people management is crucial for an organization’s growth. Performance management has taken the center stage, helping HR professionals to gauge employee performance and design training modules accordingly. A remarkable tool in this context is the 9-box grid, a matrix specifically tailored for assessing employee performance and spotting high potential talent.

The 9-box grid is a holistic performance management framework. As the name suggests, it features a 3×3 grid that categorizes employees based on their current performance and future potential. This grid approach ensures a comprehensive performance review process that captures both the present contributions and the potential to offer more in the future.

  • High Performance and High Potential: These employees exceed performance expectations and show promise for leadership roles. They are the cream of the talent pool.
  • Moderate Performance and Moderate Potential: Employees who meet performance expectations and have the potential to grow further fall here.
  • Low Performance and Low Potential: This category can be a concern. A low performer with low potential might need extensive training or reconsideration of their role.

Why Use the 9-box Grid for Talent Review?

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The 9-box grid allows HR professionals to assess both current performance and future potential simultaneously.
  • Succession Planning: HR can effectively use the 9-box grid for succession planning, identifying candidates for succession and creating a hierarchy among them.
  • Performance and Potential Insights: With the 9-box grid approach, the grid gives you an idea of who is high on performance, who has potential, and the intersections of the two.

Every box on the grid represents a unique combination of performance and potential. For instance, box 1 should be ready for leadership roles, while box 9 can be useful for individuals exceeding performance expectations but might need development in terms of potential.

Making the Most of the 9-box Grid: Best Practices

  • Clarity: Clearly define what good performance looks like, ensuring unbiased evaluations.
  • Open Conversations: The grid approach requires open and honest communication with the assessed employees.
  • Avoid Labeling: The grid is not about putting people in boxes but understanding their strengths and areas of development.

Grab Your Template Now!

To aid HR professionals in this comprehensive performance management process, we present a free blank slide template for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Full Editability: Tailor it to your organization’s unique performance management nuances with its fully editable vector shape.
  • Universal Compatibility: With an aspect ratio of 16:9, it’s perfect for a range of screens and presentations.
  • Visual Appeal: Using a 9-box grid doesn’t have to be dull. The design ensures clarity while retaining visual engagement.

To sum it up, the 9-box grid provides a framework that’s invaluable for HR departments. The grid allows you to spot outliers, nurture high-potential talent, and work on improving performance areas. So, download the template, assess using the 9-box grid, and lead your organization towards an empowered future.


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