ADDIE instructional design model

The composition of the ADDIE instructional design model slide

A clear structure of the ADDIE instructional design model template allows to present information clearly and logically. An info scheme on the right part of the slide describes the text information provided from the left side of the slide. The template is equipped with all possible useful tools. Here you will find Aspect Ratio, Standard fonts, Retina Ready. These elements are used to simplify your work and extend possibilities.

What is the slide for?

In the field of E-Learning, there are several models/methodologies for instructional design developing, but undoubtedly the ADDIE model is the most popular.

In fact, ADDIE – is an abbreviation, which contains five main phases of the model:

  • Analysis, This is not surprising, since the effectiveness of the materials will depend on how detailed the preliminary evaluation of all components will be. The analysis will help to identify the following details: the main target audience, the formulation of tasks, technical requirements, assessment methods.
  • Design, At this stage, you should answer the following questions:
  1. What resources and technologies will be needed during the course?
  2. What actions will you take if the trainees do not understand the information?
  3. How exactly will you help them?
  4. How will you measure students’ knowledge?
  • Development, Think over all possible situations that can occur and the way you cope with them.
  • Implementation,
  • Evaluation.

The learning model will allow you to analyze all the information through observation of the response, the learning process and the behavior of the students.

The widespread popularity of ADDIE, as a methodology, is primarily due to its simplicity, flexibility and versatility

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality
  2. Modern design
  3. Built-in tools
  4. A multipurpose template
  5. An easy-to-use premade slide
  6. Free 24/7 support

Taking into account all above-mentioned slide’s peculiarities, you can see that this professional template of high quality can become your assistant. With its help, you’ll be able to work quickly and create projects in a few minutes, edit vector elements, simplify responsibilities as your work boils down to inserting information. Moreover, if you present such slide on your project, you’ll definitely get deserved attention and attract the listeners. Success, a positive impression, and respect are guaranteed.

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