ADDIE model

What is ADDIE model?

ADDIE is a traditional model for developing curriculum. Recently, it has received more and more critics who say that with the current rapidly changing situation, the use of this model does not always allow you to respond quickly to development needs.

In the ADDIE model, five main phasessteps of a project are distinguished:

  • Analysis;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Implementation;
  • Evaluation.

Each stage provides its own set of actions and its intermediate results. The beginning of each next stage is based on the results of the previous one. To consider the results of this model clearer, we offer you this ADDIE model template.

The five steps of the ADDIE model are:


  • Specification of the organizational goals and objectives of the curriculum;
  • Requirements formulation for the administration of the training program;
  • Strategies determination for transferring new skills into working practices;
  • Calculation of project risks, opportunities and assumptions.
  • Regarding the limitations, including technological aspects, budget, time and training duration.

Result: The Analysis of Needs by means of Training


  • Design costs of the program, its detailed development, implementation, and evaluation;
  • Determination of the structure and sequence of the program;
  • Determination of the duration and schedule of training;
  • Deciding on the format of the program and the method of instruction;

Result: High-quality Design


  • Development of information materials for interested persons;
  • Development of session plans, trainer’s guidance, working materials, manuals and other resources for participants;
  • Development of manuals for trainers and manuals for use in the workplace;
  • Development of technological infrastructure and software.

Results: Information materials, trainer guides, participant guides and other resources, trainer’s manuals, manuals for use in the workplace, participatory assessment tools, project evaluation tools.


  • Informing interested audience about the program;
  • Production of program materials and manuals;
  • Installation of the technological infrastructure;
  • Expanding administrative databases and systems;
  • Setting up work allowances;
  • Mentors training.

Results: filled-in participation forms, filled-in feedback forms.


  • Collection of program evaluation data;
  • Collection of project evaluation data;
  • Analysis of the training program (the number of trained personnel, percentage of those who passed certification, degree of participants’ satisfaction);
  • Analysis of project implementation (costs, schedule, volume, project team satisfaction);
  • Report on the results of the program and project.

Results: Report on the training program implementation.

This list of actions is variable. In each organization and in each project, there are specific requirements, so in each specific case the list will have to be adapted to the needs of the organization and the project.

The composition of the slide.

A one-slide template represents a kind of table with five main constituents of the model and its description. The slide is professionally organized. It is available in two Aspect Ratio. Standard fonts are used. To make your work more convenient and efficient, all necessary built-in tools are applied to the slide. It should be noted that the slide not only allows to facilitate work. But also help to avoid many typical mistakes that the employees make when create the presentation on their own.

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