Annual business report template for Keynote

annual business report template

What is this annual business report template Keynote for?

An annual report is a crucial part of every business or company’s work. The annual report provides all necessary information and demonstrates the work done for the whole year. Judging by this document, a skilled leader is able to:

  • Analyze the level of employee’s engagement in a business activity;
  • Regard the success of the company on the market;
  • Find out its place relative to the competitors;
  • Identify weaknesses and correct the further development;
  • Make the right decisions, etc.

Therefore, it is important to properly and successfully develop the annual report and professionally display it. In this task, you can use this annual business report template Keynote. A great demand for this element is determined by the following functions:

  • The ability to vividly display information. Sometimes, such business projects as plans and reports are overloaded with boring text massifs and dry statistics/ figures. The listeners can quickly feel bored. To catch the audience and get it interested in your speech and topic, it is necessary to use different visualization tools that add vividness and make your visual aid attractive. Charts, tables, mockups, diagrams can diversify your speech.
  • The ability to display complex information clearly. The above-mentioned visualization elements also help to simplify the process of such data displaying and perception. Such an information represented in the form of charts or infographic elements is perceived better and easier.
  • The ability to serve as the speaker’s image-maker. This professional high-quality element will demonstrate your competence and the level of skills as well as create a positive impression.

If you want to get such a tool, download Keynote templates here right now.

The composition of the template

More than 30 unique ready-made slides comprise this template. 6 color themes are available to choose. On the sample, you see a set of multipurpose slides that in combination are able to display any type of information. Among the slides, you’ll find charts, maps, pricing tables, diagrams, biographies slides, tables, and many other useful elements. Due to such a variety of slides, you’ll display a full-scale report and reflect all sides of the question.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Choosing this element, you can forget about any problems with quality. Regardless of screens’ resolution, the template remains free of any visible defects. If you need professional Keynote templates, download one of them on this page.
  1. Built-in tools. Due to the vector elements used in the template, you can freely edit colors, shapes, and other built-in tools.
  1. Modern design. The minimalistic design of this annual business report template Keynote does not distract the listeners from the topic but at the same time looks smart.
  1. Multipurpose slides. Although the element is mainly designed for the annual report, it is possible to use it for other marketing and business projects.
  1. Easy-to-use premade element. The purpose of this flat design keynote template is to save users’ time as well as simplify their job responsibilities.
  1. Free 24/ 7 support.

 Business Report PRO Template for Keynote (MAC, iWork):

  • 30+ Unique Slides
  •  .KEY (Support Keynote for iWork) 
  • 4:3 and 16:9 HD aspect ratio
  • 6 pre-made color themes KEY files
  • Full/ No animation
  • Easy to edit
  • Only editable shape
  • retina ready
  • Easy change image
  • Content slides

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