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Planning is one of the most important components of any business functioning. Without a plan at hand, no manager can tell how effective and successful the project will be in the following years. Correctly presented to the investors plan allows to receive their financial support and trust. Plans can be monthly, quarterly, annual, for several years. The plan allows you to assess the risks of the project (what will the business face the coming year or two), see the payback period of the invested funds, profit from the company’s activities (when the first profit is received). Properly presented and structured on the template plan provides step-by-step instructions for the manager, especially when heshe is not sole owner of business and funds (independently purchased equipment, premises). According to statistics, 95% of fulfilled business projects cease to exist due to bankruptcy in five years. Among other problems that the business faces, there is a competent distribution of incoming cash flows. With successful business development, the manager makes typical mistakes, distributing money not for expanding production, but for renewing expensive organizational equipment, renting premises with unreasonably large areas, and hiring maintenance personnel. Due to poor reporting and the lack of necessary statistical data, the manager does not monitor the rate of the time use by the employees. Thus, it turns out that overhead costs plus employees’ salary are unreasonably large and disproportionately reduce the resulting profit. That’s why the plan presented on the templates should visually show all the weak points in the interconnection system of all employees’ interaction. It allows you to wisely manage money, build a strategy for business development, evaluate the effectiveness of the work.


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