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The “brand archetype wheel template” is a visual tool used by marketers and brand strategists to define and understand a brand’s character and personality. Drawing from Carl Jung’s concept of universal archetypes, this wheel categorizes brands into different personas, such as the Hero, the Outlaw, or the Caregiver. By identifying where a brand fits on this wheel, companies can create more authentic and resonant messaging for their target audiences.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using the Brand Archetype Wheel Presentation Template

  1. Introduction to Brand Archetypes: Derived from the works of psychologist Carl Jung, brand archetypes offer an understanding of a brand’s personality, helping today’s brands create an emotional connection with their customers. These Jungian archetypes present a set of 12 universally recognized motifs, ranging from “the hero” to “the outlaw”, that instinctively resonate with human psychology.
  2. Download the Template: First and foremost, download the Brand Archetype Wheel Presentation Template. This is a free template suitable for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  3. Choosing Your Aspect Ratio: Depending on your presentation needs, select an aspect ratio. The template supports both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios.
  4. Editing the Template: Dive into the full editable vector shape of the template. Customize according to your brand strategy or to showcase examples like the daring Nike as a hero brand or the imaginative Lego as an example of the creator archetype.
  5. Understanding the 12 Brand Archetypes:
    • Hero Archetype: Brands like Nike position themselves as the hero brand archetype. The hero wants to make a change in the world, representing those that strive to challenge the status quo.
    • Outlaw Archetype: Represented by brands like Harley-Davidson, “the outlaw” archetype embodies self-expression and a desire to inspire their customers to think outside the box.
    • Magician Archetype: This archetype is about making dreams come true. An example of the magician archetype might be a brand that promises transformation or an otherworldly experience.
    • Creator Archetype: Brands that make the world a better place by aiming to create something new, like Lego, resonate with the creator archetype.
    • Continue with the full list of archetypes: explorer, sage, everyman, jester, lover, ruler, caregiver, and everyman. For each archetype, provide brands that exemplify each one.
  6. The Power of Positioning: Using archetypes, brands can position their product or service in a way that taps into instinctive human desires. Whether it’s the explorer archetype’s journey from lost to found, or the caregiver archetype’s generous and compassionate nature, there’s a deep well of human psychology to draw from.
  7. Crafting Your Brand Strategy: Armed with this knowledge and wisdom, build a brand strategy that not only addresses your customer’s pain points but also weaves in the archetypal narratives that have resonated for centuries. Remember, Plato and Carl Jung presented these archetypes as reflections of collective human experiences.
  8. Engage and Resonate: The goal of branding and marketing isn’t a mere transactional relationship. Brands must inspire, engage, and resonate. By aligning with the right archetype, whether it’s the protective nature of the ruler brand or the playful self-expression of the jester brand, brands can forge deeper connections.
  9. Final Thoughts: With this PPT, you have a powerful source of information to help guide your brand strategy. Whether your brand seeks to make the world a better place, challenges conventional norms like the outlaw brand, or simply wants to be happy and make others smile like the jester, using archetypes can be a game-changer.

Harness the timeless power of these archetypes, and watch your brand story unfold with resonance, clarity, and authenticity.


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