Campaign Timeline 4 Quarters Workflow Template

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Campaign Timeline 4 Quarters Workflow Template is developed for detailed planning of parallel processes. The Timeline contains a table and a progress bar at the top.

The table includes 12 columns according to all the months of the year. Visually, the months are divided into quarters. On the left side you can add up to 6 parallel projects or processes. For each project you can indicate the assignment of specific activities to a specific time period. You can also mark progress for each activity or process using the progress bars. Each process has an individual number that makes it possible to provide more detailed information in text form or refer to them during the presentation.

The progress bar above the table shows the current moment or period. This allows you to focus on presenting specific work in the time frame for each project. The arrow on the right side of the Campaign Timeline PPT slide indicates the reading direction of the Workflow Template.

A 4 Quarters Timeline for creating Campaign Workflow in PowerPoint

  • Includes one uniquely structured slide.
  • All infographics are edited using the built-in PowerPoint tools.
  • The table is created in the MS Office workspace and is easy to edit. You can easily: change the number of columns and rows, merge cells, change the table style.
  • The Campaign Timeline template supports font styles and color schemes. You can customize your own colors in a couple of minutes.
  • The slide uses the standard “Calibri” font, you do not need to install any additional fonts. It’s also a guarantee that your presentation will look good on any device.
  • The slide supports high resolution screens and projectors. No matter what the presentation size, the image quality will always be perfect.
  • This template is suitable for printing on a regular office printer.

Campaign timeline template is a simple tool that you can use to create a presentation, show a project process or a report. The template is easy to customize and suitable for MS Office PowerPoint beginners. Detailed instructions on customization as well as 20 premium color schemes you can be downloaded from the link above.

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