CHAMPS2 Business Change Method

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CHAMPS2 is a comprehensive business change method designed to guide organizations through transformational changes, ensuring they achieve the desired outcomes efficiently and effectively. Rooted in best practices, it encompasses a holistic approach, covering everything from the vision and strategy to implementation and benefits realization. Adopting CHAMPS2 enables organizations to ensure that their change projects are delivered on time, within budget, and in alignment with their strategic objectives.

Introducing the CHAMPS2 Business Change Method for Effective Classroom Management

The CHAMPS Classroom Management Program is not just another management tool; it’s a comprehensive framework that empowers teachers and school specialists to establish an effective classroom environment. At its core, CHAMPS stands as an acronym guiding student behavior expectations throughout the learning process.

The CHAMPS Acronym Explained:

  • C stands for Conversation: Establishing how students can converse during activities.
  • H is for Help: How students can seek help when they need it.
  • A represents Activity: Guidelines for the task or activity at hand.
  • M denotes Movement: The expectation for movement during the lesson.
  • P is for Participation: How students are expected to participate.
  • S signifies Success: When students meet the set expectations, they experience success.

The Roots of CHAMPS:

Founded on the principles laid out by Randy Sprick in his Sprick’s Safe and Civil Schools initiative, the CHAMPS classroom management system promotes a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. The emphasis here is not just on discipline but also on creating a positive classroom climate.

Benefits of Implementing CHAMPS:

  • Effective Behavior Management: With CHAMPS, teachers can proactively reduce misbehavior, thereby focusing more on teaching and less on discipline.
  • Engage & Motivate Students: The system helps in boosting students’ motivation, encouraging them to participate actively and behave responsibly.
  • Clear Communication: It allows teachers to communicate expectations clearly, ensuring orderly and effective classroom management.
  • Promote Positive Behavior: By focusing on a positive approach to classroom management, CHAMPS supports positive behavior and reduces the need for punitive measures.

Adaptable Across Schools:

Whether it’s a middle school or any other educational institution, CHAMPS can be tailored to meet the needs of many different educational settings. It’s not just about managing student behavior; it’s about creating an environment where students are motivated to engage and learn.

Integration with Curriculum and Tools:

Part of the CHAMPS system includes tools such as posters, charts, and lessons that can be integrated into the school’s curriculum. For instance, a poster displaying CHAMPS expectations can be a visual reminder for students throughout the school day.

Conclusion & Takeaway:

For over 10 years, the CHAMPS classroom management plan has been a research-based initiative helping teachers establish effective management systems, thereby ensuring a proactive and positive classroom environment. Importantly, it’s a tool that not only manages, but also empowers students to behave responsibly and independently.

For educators looking to implement a successful behavior management system, CHAMPS offers a comprehensive solution. From setting clear expectations to motivating students, this approach is a cornerstone in creating proactive and positive classrooms, where teaching and learning can thrive.


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