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The CLEAR Coaching Model Presentation slide template is an exceptional tool designed for coaches and mentors who aim to provide effective guidance. This premium slide template features a sleek, professional design, ensuring the information is presented in a clear, concise manner. It includes dedicated sections for each element of the CLEAR model: Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action, and Review, facilitating a structured approach to coaching. The layout is crafted to enhance audience engagement, with visually appealing graphics and placeholders for key points and examples, making it an ideal choice for workshops, training sessions, or individual coaching sessions.

Mastering the CLEAR Coaching Model: A Comprehensive Slide Presentation Guide

Our premium CLEAR Coaching Model Presentation Template is expertly crafted for professionals in the coaching business, including executive coaching, leadership coaching, and business coaching. Developed by Peter Hawkins, this model offers a structured and effective coaching model for transforming your coaching sessions into impactful experiences.

  • A. Overview: The CLEAR coaching model provides a framework that is designed to help both the coach and the coachee. This model is a transformational coaching tool, developed by Peter Hawkins in the early 1980s, focused on behavioral change and personal insight.
  • B. Components: CLEAR is an acronym representing Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action, and Review. Each stage of the coaching process plays a crucial role in helping clients achieve their goals.

Template Features

  • A. Compatibility: This template is versatile, suitable for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, ensuring ease of use across different platforms.
  • B. Design: With a 16:9 aspect ratio, this template is visually appealing and perfect for most modern screens. It features full editable vector shapes, allowing you to customize it as needed.
  • C. Step-by-Step Layout: Each slide is meticulously designed to guide the conversation towards each stage of the coaching process, making it easier to gain an understanding of the current situation and develop a clear goal.

How to Use the Template for Effective Coaching

  • A. Setting the Scene: Begin by establishing the scope of the coaching, focusing on the desired outcome. This stage helps to develop an emotional connection with the coachee.
  • B. Active Listening: Use the template to highlight the importance of active listening. This helps in understanding the coachee’s needs and preparing for potential interventions.
  • C. Goal Setting and Action Plan: The slides allow you to set clear objectives and form a strategic action plan. This ensures that the coaching is focused and goal-oriented.
  • D. Review Progress: The final slides focus on reviewing the outcomes and making necessary adjustments for future coaching sessions.

Benefits of Using the CLEAR Model

  • A. Clarity and Direction: The CLEAR coaching model offers a clear and concise approach, which is great way to help the coach and the coachee stay focused.
  • B. Flexibility: The model is flexible and can be used for both personal and professional growth.
  • C. Insightful: It encourages probing questions and catalytic questions that lead to deeper personal insight and behavioral change.

In summary, our CLEAR Coaching Model Presentation Template is an invaluable resource for anyone in the coaching business. It’s a model developed by Peter Hawkins, known for its simplicity and effectiveness in facilitating goal-focused coaching. Whether you’re new to coaching or a seasoned professional, this template will enhance your coaching ability and help your clients achieve their fullest potential.


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