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How should a successful report look like

Regardless of the business scale, the annual report of the organization is the main tool of financial communications, which presents the results of the work done, current situation, further perspectives. Company Report Highlighter Keynote is a premade tool that has been created to simplify work and make it more efficient.

Annual report is a formal financial reporting. Each year, such report is sent to shareholders. Both commercial and non-profit organizations prepare the reports. Taking into account information and findings from this document, you can judge about the company’s activities for the year, its estimated position in the following year, find out current state and prospects.

Company’s report provides information regarding:

  • a generalized description of the industry in which the organization participates;
  • verified income statements, financial position, financial flows and notes to the accounts;
  • an analysis of the financial condition of the business and the results achieved during several preceding years presented in the form of a professional pie chart;
  • a description of the activities of the organization over the past year;
  • information on various business segments of the enterprise;
  • market value of shares and dividends.

Many enterprises consider company report as an effective and trouble-free marketing tool that helps to spread their views on the fate of their business. In other words, many medium-sized and large companies spend considerable sum of money on reports that are truly attractive and informative.

Company’s report is often used as a tool to promote a topic or concept that the organization’s management (marketing significant figures) supported. In this case, you can encounter phrases such as “Willingness for the realities of the future” or “Meeting the needs of the century of IT-technologies.” Among other things, the report sometimes includes individual events or economic conditions that took place in the current year. The template that we offer you has company portfolio format.

There are enterprises that point out different milestones and anniversaries in their reports, demonstrating their successes to the audience, emphasizing their reliability and quality. Other organizations compile large and multi-lateral reports in a verified format that they use annually with minor changes relating to data updates.

In any case, the best company’s report is one in which the strategies used for profitable growth are clearly defined and the organization is displayed in a favorable light.

The composition of the template

Present you fresh ideas or find sources of funding, with this professionally made timeline presentation template free that is aimed at making perfect informative reports. At your service, there are 26 slides with a polished design – modern, colorful and clean.

The template is well-equipped. Necessary built-in tools and modern useful elements are applied to all slides. Company Report Highlighter Keynote is professionally organized so that you will be able to logically develop thoughts and clearly present the report. The slides follow one another so information can be consistently demonstrated and the listeners will perceive the essence better.

It is a gallery template free. You can download it without paying. This professional template is available absolutely free!

It is filled with design features, professional pie chart and other useful data diagrams. These slides are ready to be customized for your company. Prove the exclusivity of your business model with a volley of visual arguments for the purpose for investment, presenting the company or other objectives!

Among some important functions that this template performs, we can note:

  • The ability to present the report logically. As it was said, the slides are organized in such order that it is easy to develop the question.
  • Information visualization. Due to a large number of various charts, pricing tables, diagrams, maps, as well as company portfolio format you can vividly and attractively express boring information. Infographics are perfect tools that diverse your report and simplify the process of bulky data presentation.
  • Working with a premade template, you avoid mistakes that are typically made by the specialists who create presentations on their own.
  • This template serves as a guide, support and plan. While presenting your report, you can look at the slide to refresh the material and see the next point.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. If you’ve ever seen the speaker who had a perfect project but due to a poor quality of the template or some problems with visual material, it went unnoticed, you probably want to find the template that won’t let you down. These slides are of high quality. We can guarantee you a safe stable work without visible defects, blurred slides, etc. Timeline presentation template free remains its excellent quality if it is displayed on high-resolution screens.
  1. Modern design. Highlighter is used as the main design theme of this template. You can find highlighted words, phrases. Generally, this template has a popular nowadays minimalistic design. Such color combination makes your report stylish and formal, but do not distract the audience from the main message of the speech.
  1. Free download. These professional slides of high quality are free! There is no need to pay for them. Just download gallery template free and work with pleasure!
  1. Built-in tools. All vector elements such as size, shape, colors can be edited in two clicks. This option makes work more efficient and convenient.
  1. A multipurpose template. It is the template that can be suitable for any meeting, seminar, and conference. The combination of design and slides’ content makes it widely used. You can apply this Company Report Highlighter Keynote to various business projects or marketing analysis.
  1. Premade easy-to-use slides. If you want to impress the audience, present an informative high-quality report, and demonstrate your expertise, choose this template. Besides, it will significantly save time and simplify your job responsibilities.
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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