Comparison Split Timeline for 12 Months Template

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To compare two similar projects, it is effective to use parallel charts. The Comparison Split Timeline for 12 Months Template for PowerPoint is an easy way to visualize such projects on a span of one year.

The Split Timeline for 1 year presents two one-way arrows indicating the direction of the graph with vertical dividers. The separator markers indicate equal time intervals, each of which equals one month. Icons illustrate the state of the project at a given time interval.

Each Split Template PPT time slot has text boxes to indicate detailed information. The badges illustrate the significant stages of the project. You can change the time periods according to your tasks. For example, reduce or increase the number of months, or, change months to quarters, years.

Comparison Split Timeline helps you create a visualization in just 5 minutes

  • The template contains one slide for creating a comparative visualization of two projects or processes.
  • All graphic elements are created using the built-in MS Office PowerPoint graphic tools to make working with the slide easier.
  • The colors and sizes of the graphic elements can be changed in a single click.
  • The PPT presentation supports built-in PowerPoint color schemes as well as 20 premium color schemes by HiSlide (download link above).
  • Split Timeline Slide on PowerPoint uses the default font that every computer has (“Calibri”). The template also supports the built-in font styles of the PowerPoint workspace. Changing fonts at once in all elements of the slide will take no more than 1 minute.
  • The template is suitable for creating presentations to be demonstrated on a projector, digital displays, printed on an office printer or as an illustration for your website.

Comparison Split Timeline is an easy way to create a clear and simple visualization of complex processes. This template will save your time, because working on it for you will consist of changing texts in the right fields and editing badges. The whole process of customizing the slide is done in the PPT working environment and you won’t need any additional software. You can find a detailed instruction with tips on how to work more easily with Timeline at the link at the top of the post.

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