Competitors Strengths Portfolio Analysis Template

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Competitors’ Strengths Portfolio Analysis is a strategic tool that assesses the strengths and capabilities of market rivals, allowing businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their competitive landscape. By evaluating the strong points of competitors, companies can identify potential threats, anticipate market shifts, and craft strategies to maintain or enhance their competitive edge. Such analysis not only ensures a proactive approach to market challenges but also fosters informed decision-making for long-term success.

Describing the Product: Competitors Strengths Portfolio Analysis Template

Competitive analysis is a pivotal step for businesses, startups, and new product launches. It provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of both direct and indirect competitors, ensuring businesses gain a competitive edge. This Competitors Strengths Portfolio Analysis template is tailored to guide you through a structured competitor analysis framework, allowing for a comprehensive review of the market landscape.

Features of the Competitor Analysis Template

  1. Fully Editable Design: Whether you’re using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote, this template is flexible. Customize colors, fonts, and layouts to suit your brand or presentation style.
  2. Aspect Ratio 16:9: Perfectly designed for widescreen displays, ensuring clear visuals for your target audience during presentations.
  3. Editable Vector Shapes: Tailor the graphical elements to highlight particular strengths or weaknesses, emphasize market share variations, or denote variations in product analysis results.

Why Use This Competitor Analysis Framework?

  • Broad Analysis Scope: Whether you’re assessing direct competitors selling similar products, or indirect competitors with differing strategies, this framework encompasses it all.
  • In-depth SEO Insights: The template aids in market research and keyword analysis. Boost your online store or website’s search engine visibility by understanding SEO strategies of top competitors.
  • SWOT & Five Forces: Beyond the basic strengths and weaknesses, delve deep with SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces, two powerful tools used in competitor analysis.

Steps to Create a Competitive Analysis Using the Template

  1. Identifying Your Competitors: Start by listing at least five competitors – both direct and indirect. Consider those selling similar products or services in your industry.
  2. Market Share & Position Analysis: Evaluate your competitors’ market share and position. Understand where your product or service stands in relation to your competitors.
  3. Product & Pricing Strategies Evaluation: Analyze competitors’ products, pricing strategies, and customer reviews. See how much your competitors price their similar product or service.
  4. Marketing Tactics: Investigate the marketing strategies of your closest competitors. Are they targeting the same target customers as you? What channels are they using?
  5. SEO & Keyword Benchmark: Use analytics tools like Google Analytics or other SEO tools to benchmark keyword performance. This step in your analysis will help identify areas of improvement for your business in the search engine space.
  6. Final Report & Business Decisions: Once the analysis is complete, compile a comprehensive analysis report. Use the findings to guide business strategies, and improve your business decisions.

Competitive analysis involves understanding not just your company’s strengths, but also evaluating your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will help startups, new business ventures, and existing business units to craft a successful business plan, aligning their offerings with market demands, and carving out a long-term competitive advantage. Use this competitor analysis template to ensure you’re ahead of the curve, and ready for market challenges.


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