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We’re glad to welcome you on this service where you’ll find dozens of useful tools and elements for your presentations. This page is devoted to the template that will help construction companies to present themselves at meetings, tenders, other events.

What is the template for?

Tenders have long become an integral part of competition in a variety of areas, including construction. Participation in them allows making the process more transparent, and the organizer can choose the most worth candidate.

Tender is a popular way in modern market economy to choose contractors for performing certain types of work and services. Construction tenders are especially common. To get a profitable order from a demanding client, you have to work hard and, bypassing competitors, win a tender.

Facing such responsible task, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and present a memorable solutionproposal. Trying to be the best, the speaker should pay attention to each detail of the speech, including:

  • The manner of speech and behavior;
  • The speaker’s appearance and dress code;
  • Informative character of the topic, its essence;
  • Visual tools.

This construction proposal template is helpful for the last point. Nowadays, no speech is delivered without such visual tool as the presentation. It has a number of advantages that’s why it’s gained such popularity:

  • Visualizes words and provides the audience with visual proofs such as data, statistics, figures;
  • Simplifies the process of topic development and perception;
  • Diversifies your speech.

Therefore, it is likely that you will use the template for your presentation. In great variety of premade templates, we advise you to draw attention to our template that allows you to:

  • Prove your construction management skills;
  • Use the visual tool as your support, guide, and assistant;
  • Reflect the essence of your speech;
  • Present the topic in an attractive vivid way;
  • Prove expertise and impress the listeners with the quality of the presentation and your competence.

The composition of the template

This template for construction managements is designed for Keynote software. It is comprised of 50 ready-made high-quality slides that are well-equipped with a full set of useful modern tools and elements that can be necessary at work. You are free to choose one of 10 premade color themes.

On the sample, you see a wide range of multipurpose slides with various visual elements. Due to such variety of slides, it is possible to express any type of material and data, present construction engineering and other important information. On the slides, you’ll find multipurpose charts and diagrams, pricing tables and timelines, organizations charts, and many others. With such set of slides, you’ll easily develop your topic, introduce the team of employees, and clearly present your proposal.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. For public speakers, the presentation serves as their image-maker. The presentation is able to show the level of speaker’s competence and awareness of the topic, demonstrate hisher professionalism. Judging by the presentation (as well as speaker’s appearance), the listeners create the first impression. If the presentation has some defects, it spoils the impression. That’s why it is important to be sure that when you display your presentation on high-resolution devices, it will remain excellent quality. We can guarantee you this fact. Our construction templates don’t have such defects as visible pixels, blurred slides and so on. Choosing this template, you’ll avoid such nasty unexpected problems.
  1. Built-in tools. We’ve applied a number of necessary vector elements and tools to this template so that your work will be as convenient and quick and possible. Due to them, such vector characteristics as shape, colors, size are fully editable. You can edit them to your taste in a few clicks.
  1. Modern design. Design adds uniqueness and style to your presentation and speech. If you want to efficiently demonstrate construction managements, remember that it is important to correctly choose design. It happens that the speakers choose wrong design and it spoils the whole impression. Thus, if you choose too bright and vivid colors for your visual tool, be ready that your listeners will be distracted from the speech and won’t remember the topic. On the contrary, if your presentation is made in dark gloomy shades, the audience can quickly get bored and fall asleep. To hit the mark, choose neutral design. By the way, our template is made in minimalistic style that is highly popular today. So, it suits each project and each event.
  1. Visualization elements. No presentation is made without the use of various visual tools and elements. These include diagrams, timelines, charts, tables, models, infographics, clip art and many others. It’s obvious that these elements are designed to visualize complex information, make boring monotonous data vivid and clear, diversify your projects and add vividness to it. Visualization simplifies the process of perception: if your topic is presented in the form of a colorful chart or a vivid infographic, the audience better remembers it. Our construction proposal template has a large variety of such visual elements.
  1. Clear structure. When you create presentations, you should remember that your speech should be coherent. If you develop the topic consistently and your ideas follow one another, then the audience will easier get the main message and better remember your speech. Our template is well structured and all slides are professionally developed so the template is already logic.
  1. Easy-to-use premade slides. These slides are available even for the beginners. No need to have any knowledge or additional skills to be able to manage the template. Due to their ease of use, every construction manager will quickly learn how to work with it. The main purpose of the template is to save employee’s working time and simplify hisher job responsibilities.
  1. A multipurpose template. The template is suitable for each construction project. It is perfect for tenders, meetings, conferences.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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