“Corporate Report” Keynote template

What is the “Corporate Report” Keynote template for?

Corporate report is a business tool for informing shareholders, employees, partners and the whole society about how and at what pace the company implements the goals set in its mission or strategic development plans regarding economic sustainability, social well-being and environmental stability.

Corporate report allows to:

  • Comprehensively present the economic, environmental, and social companies’ performance to the audience;
  • Make a self-assessment in these three areas;
  • Conduct a dialogue with all interested parties, to clarify their opinions and expectations;
  • Receive additional competitive advantages; to strengthen the trust of employees, shareholders, partners, customers, representatives of local communities, authorities, the media;
  • Create a basis for the development of the company’s development strategy

It is a management tool for strategic planning. It allows making positive changes both in internal and external management processes.

Monitoring and evaluation of internal management processes in the company is one of the components of the report. For the company, it also serves as a way of communication with the outside world, demonstration the ability to see risks and take timely and adequate actions to prevent and reduce them. For an external audience, be it power structures, investors or partners, the information presented in the reports is subject to analysis and comparison, so the comparability of the data in the report is one of its most important characteristics.

The composition of the template.

The “Corporate Report” Keynote template includes 500 unique ready-made slides. A set of useful tools and necessary multipurpose elements comprise the template and make it popular. The template is professionally structured and help you to express information coherently and logically. Well-organized slides are divided into blocks. Therefore, you will find the following thematic blocks: Base slides, Graphs and charts (where a great number of possible charts is represented), Social Media, Customers, Counters, Maps, Portfolio, Project, Lists, Table, Timeline, Calendar 2017, SWOT analysis, Organizational scheme, Infographics, Mockups, etc. The video preview is available for those how want to see the template in practice.

The advantages of the template.

  1. High quality. Excellent quality of our template is approved. No visible defects, no blurred segments while working with the projector or other devices. This version is printable and lets you print the handouts without worries about its quality.
  1. Modern design. Modern minimalistic design makes the template multipurpose and widely-used for business meetings. Such design helps you to feel confident, present yourself as a professional, and support the image.
  1. Built-in tools. With these slides, colors, shape, size, editing is not a problem.
  1. Free Google fonts.
  2. A multipurpose template. Although the template is designed for the corporate report, it is also widely used for other types of business and marketing projects. With such a great variety of multipurpose slides, you can freely create any report you wish, describe any topic, explain any kind of information.
  1. Easy-to-use ready-made slides. A qualitative informative report requires a lot of time, but our template let you simplify this working process and save time! These easy-to-use slides will be your assistants. Using them, you’ll be able to create reports in a few minutes.
  1. Free 24/7 support. Contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to help you!

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