“Corporate Report” PowerPoint template

What is the “Corporate Report” PowerPoint template for?

If you deal with office work, meetings and conferences, this template is definitely for you. It helps businessmen, marketers and other office stuff to create detailed presentations, demonstrate the projects to the public, and provide comprehensively encompassing reports, projects and analysis. The template is a necessary useful tool for any self-respected person who wants to present the results of hisher work at its best, create a good reputation, impress company’s executives. The template allows you to create highly informative unique presentations with a modern design that attract attention and impress the listeners with its quality and design.

The composition of the “Corporate Report” PowerPoint template.

The template consists of 500 unique slide for various versions of PowerPoint. The design of the slides is made in minimalist style. A large number of slide provide you the opportunity to find all necessary tools and slides for your projects to reflect information of different kinds. All slides in the template are divided into groups or blocks according to their functionality. Therefore, here you can find the following blocks: Base slides with text and images, biographies; Graphs and charts where all possible variations of diagrams and charts are placed; Customers with logos, etc.; Social media; Counters; Portfolio with a prevailing number of photos and images accompanied by short text descriptions; Lists; Project; Table; Calendar 2017; Timeline; SWOT analysis; Porters 5 forces; Organizational scheme; Infographics; Mockups; Video slides; Maps; Title slides &Section breaks. Among such wide range of provided slides everyone will find the necessary slide for a business plan, report, project, and others.

The advantages and features of the template.

The “Corporate Report” PowerPoint template has a number of advantages that allow it to be competitive among a large variety of other business templates. The slides are able to reflect information clearly. Here, you are free to watch this template’s video preview to get a closer look at the template. The video contains the demo of the slides with animation.

  1. Free fonts and icons. In the template, we used free Google fonts PT Sans, Lato, Montserrat, free icon font Elegant to make your work more productive, quick and convenient.
  2. Built-in tools. The use of the built-in tools in our template provides you the opportunity to edit colors and size in two clicks. Therefore, the template becomes fully editable, and you can change its details to your taste.
  3. An excellent quality. These slide are of a high quality. Mostly, the template is used to present it to the public at meetings or conferences. In this case, it’s no wonder that you will face the presentation of your projects and reports on high-resolution displays (projectors and so on). Also, you may have to hand out the printed versions of your presentations. Do not worry, our template remains its high quality in any case. You won’t see blurred parts or visible pixels on it.
  4. Multipurpose slides. These slides are absolutely multipurpose. Due to a large number of various slides, the template can be widely used to prepare reports, analysis, business projects, marketing presentations.
  5. An easy-to-use ready-made template. You will like this template if you are the one who wants to save time, work with pleasure, and facilitate working process. As the template is ready-made it is possible to create presentations and reports quickly.
  6. Support 24/7. A round-the-clock support is available for our users. Feel free to contact our support team to ask your questions.

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