Creative ribbon for Powerpoint

We’re glad to see you on our site! Here, dozens of multipurpose elements and template for work are represented. On this page, we demonstrate creative ribbon PowerPoint sample.

What is the slide for?

Infographics shows the hidden, explains the confusing and adapts the incomprehensible. The creation of visual infographics is not only the process of converting of what can be read into what can be seen: infographics combines graphic and text elements in order to present information in more understandable, memorable form.

Bulky texts are always perceived much harder than visual information. In particular, when we consider some complex figures or statistics, the mechanisms of action of something, the constructions of an object, etc. In modern media, the subject of infographics is quite wide-spread. For instance, using such infographics as creative ribbon PowerPoint element, you can get acquainted with the guide to choosing a washing machine, or you can, for example, study a detailed explanation of how did surgeons divided Siamese twins.

Infographics performs some important functions:

  • an information filter;
  • establishment of the relationship and hierarchy between elements;
  • division of examples by differences;
  • their arrangement in such a way that attention is focused on the most important.

Modern simple infographic examples have gained popularity, occupying an important place in print and online media. It helps the public to understand the meaning of the information message. Besides, this visual tool is widely used in business, marketing, science as well as education and medicine.

The composition of the slide

On this sample, you see four lines with multicolored ribbons. They have alphabetic enumeration. The slide is available for PowerPoint users. Each line contains three text blocks.

The advantages of the creative ribbon PowerPoint slide:

  1. High quality. Serving as your image-maker, a high-quality presentation is able to create a good reputation and demonstrate the speaker’s expertise. The quality of this slide as well as other elements on this site is approved and guaranteed. You can be sure that the template won’t lose quality when you display it on the screens of high resolution.
  1. Built-in tools. The active colors are red, green, azure, yellow, but if these colors don’t match your presentation design, you are free to edit them as well as other vector elements. The option makes your work easier and quicker as well as extends possibilities.
  1. Multipurpose element. Such simple infographic examples are widely used in a great numbers of spheres: they can be found in business, science, advertising, marketing, education etc. the slide perfectly suits either reports and business projects or simple school presentations.
  1. Pre-made easy-to-use slide. This slide simplifies employees’ working process and saves their time. Those who use this template at work create the presentations in a few minutes. No additional skills are required.
  1. Free 247 support

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