Dashboard Presentation Template on PowerPoint PPT

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Introducing our Dashboard Presentation Template for PowerPoint PPT. Crafted meticulously to aid professionals in showcasing data efficiently, this blank slide template offers versatility for diverse industries. Elevate your presentations and make your data shine with our user-friendly design.

Product Description: Dashboard Presentation Template on PowerPoint PPT

Elevate your PowerPoint presentation by incorporating our dashboard template. This tool is crafted to enhance the way professionals showcase data within PowerPoint, ensuring an engaging and efficient display. Whether you’re a seasoned BI (business intelligence) professional or a novice in dashboard software, our template can redefine how you present your data.

  • Free Availability: This dashboard template is a complimentary offering for both PowerPoint and Keynote users. You won’t need to spend a penny to elevate your presentation.
  • Aspect Ratio: Designed with a universally accepted 16:9 aspect ratio, this ensures a seamless fit on most screens and projections.
  • Fully Editable: One of the most enticing features is its full editable vector shape. This means you can tweak, modify, and personalize the dashboard layout to your liking.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the PowerPoint Dashboard Template:

  1. Initiating a New Presentation: Start PowerPoint 2010 (or your current version) and open a new presentation. Navigate to the gallery of templates and select the dashboard ppt template.
  2. Setting Up the First Slide: Once you’ve chosen the template, you’ll see the first slide. This is your canvas for creating your own dashboard. Think of it as the master slide for your dashboard in PowerPoint.
  3. Inserting Dashboard Elements: Navigate to the insert tab on the top menu. Here you’ll find options to add dashboard elements like text boxes, charts, and graphs. PowerPoint offers tools like SmartArt, which can be beneficial for flowcharts or data representation.
    • Text Box: Click the insert tab > text box to add textual content within the slide.
    • Interactive Dashboards: For a more dynamic experience, you can use the slideshow feature to create interactive dashboards. These elements can be updated in real-time, providing a comprehensive experience for your audience.
  4. Customizing the Layout: The dashboard layout is fully editable. If you need to create buttons, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), or other interactive elements, just head to the home tab. Here you’ll find commands that allow you to insert these elements. Don’t forget to save the file regularly to ensure no data is lost.
  5. Enhancing Visual Appeal: Insert images by clicking the insert tab. This can make your dashboard page more visually engaging and lead the viewer through your data story.
  6. Finalizing and Presenting: Once you’re satisfied with the dashboard in PowerPoint, proceed to the slide show option to present your data. Make sure to review the powerpoint slides to ensure effective dashboards representation.

Bonus Tips:

  • Using PowerPoint for Google Slides: While this template is primarily a PowerPoint dashboard, it’s also compatible with Google Slides. The procedure remains mostly the same, making it versatile across platforms.
  • Advanced Users: For those accustomed to dashboard software, remember that PowerPoint makes it simple to display your dashboard within the platform, ensuring your PowerPoint show is both professional and dynamic.

Creating an effective dashboard in PowerPoint can be a game-changer in any presentation summit. By leveraging our dashboard templates for PowerPoint, you harness the capability of business intelligence tools within a familiar environment. Whether you’re designing a PowerPoint dashboard for a large corporate meeting or a casual data discussion, this template can be your key to success.


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