Digital marketing plan template PowerPoint

digital marketing plan template powerpoint

What are multimedia presentations for?

A presentation – is a coherent sequence of slides developed in a single style and saved in a single file.

Multimedia is an interactive information technology that combines text, graphics, sound and video. Multimedia documents differ from the usual ones because besides traditional text and graphics data they can contain sound and music information, animated graphics, video fragments.

A multimedia presentation is a combination of computer graphics, animation, music, video, text, which are organized in a single document. As a rule, the multimedia presentation has a script, plot and structure, organized for easy perception of information.

Dynamic visual and sound series allow you to convey any information in a visual, easily perceivable form. The digital marketing plan template is an excellent example of such visualization tools.

A distinctive feature of the multimedia presentation is its interactivity, i.e. the ability to interact with the audience with the help of the modern computer means.

The advantages of multimedia presentations

  1. Visibility – is the key argument for using the multimedia presentations. Distinctive features, specific properties of some objects can be demonstrated extremely realistically with the help of modern graphic and video technologies of the multimedia presentations.
  2. Interactivity – is one of the most important benefits of multimedia. It the ability to directly influence the course of the presentation.
  3. Information capacity – is the ability to place a large amount of text, graphic as well as audio information in one multimedia presentation;
  4. It is compact and portable – different types of discs, USB-cards or electronic business cards can be used as storage, but regardless of form and capacity, all these data carriers are compact and easy to store.
  5. Emotional attractiveness – the digital marketing pitch presentation provides an opportunity to present information not only in a convenient for perception way, but also effectively combine sound and visual images, select the dominant colors and shades combinations, what will create a positive attitude of the listeners to the information presented.

Due to these obvious advantages, the presentations have firmly rooted into business and marketing environment. Therefore, nowadays no meeting is held without the use of these visual tools. Speakers choose them to support their speeches and have visual proofs of their words.

What is the template for?

Taking into consideration such popularity of the presentation templates, we offer a great variety of premade slides, elements and templates for any purposes. On our site, you’ll find marketing plan templates, slides for business reports, other projects.

The marketing plan is an obligatory for every business document where all objectives are set and means of its achievements are prescribed. The marketing plan contains all necessary information about further development prospects: the long-term goals, necessary resources, other factors. Every year, this document is reconsidered to see the conformity of planed actions and the current situation.

The marketing plan is similar to the traveler’s map. This document fixes the current positions (location) of the enterprise, the vectors of development, the target points, and, most importantly, comprises the actions that the company must take to get to the targeted points.

Our digital marketing plan template helps you to clearly display all this information and perfectly visualize complex chapters of this document.

The composition of the template

This template is comprised of 34 unique ready-made slides that are available for PowerPoint software. The slides are supported by its different versions. 10 premade color themes are available for the users. You can freely choose the color combination that matches your style or logo the most.

On the sample, marketing plan PowerPoint includes a wide range of multipurpose slides that allow you to display any type of information. There are charts, lists, maps, pricing tables, diagrams, PowerPoint swot analysis, and other useful elements that are frequently required while working with such documents.

All these slides are well-structured and professionally developed. They help you to logically place information within the slide and coherently develop the topic.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. We create only high-quality templates the work with which won’t cause any trouble such as loss of quality. We are aware of the fact that the multimedia presentation serves as the image-maker for every speaker. Therefore, we offer only professional templates of high quality, which will demonstrate your competence and presentation skills: PowerPoint slides look smart and stylish. The use of such template will create a positive impression and attract the audience’s attention. The quality of these slides is guaranteed and approved, therefore, you can be sure that the sample will be free of visible defects when you display it on high-resolution devices.
  1. Built-in tools. All necessary built-in tools are applied to the slides to make your work as easy and convenient as possible. You can edit all vector elements in two clicks.
  1. Modern design. Looking at some marketing plan PowerPoint presentation examples, you can understand why is it so important to have a single design for the whole presentation. Trying to diversify the presentations or make them more vivid, some speakers tend to play with color themes. And not always such experiments have a good ending. Thus, too gloomy theme is able to depress the listeners while too bright colors distract their attention. We advise choosing neutral shades. This template has minimalistic modern design that is widely used in business projects.
  1. Visualization tools. These are the elements without which no successful presentation is made. Each presentation including marketing plan templates must have various visualization elements that will help the speaker to display some information and explain complex data or statistics. These include tables, clip art, models, charts and diagrams, timelines, lists, infographic elements, and many others. If you look at our sample, you see that it consists of various visual tools the purpose of which is to:
  • Simplify the process of information perception;
  • Add vividness to the speech and the presentation;
  • Attract the listeners and catch their attention so that that they won’t get bored.
  1. Multipurpose template. Although the digital marketing presentation template displayed on this page is primarily designed for marketing plans, it can be also used for a number of other business and marketing reports, ideas. The combination of slides makes it multipurpose and suitable for various projects.
  1. Premade easy-to-use template. The employees who have already used this template at work state that the template perfectly copes with all PowerPoint tasks. It simplifies the job responsibilities as well as saves the employees’ working time. One more feature is that you do not necessarily have to have additional knowledge.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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