Digital marketing plan template for PowerPoint and Keynote

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for Keynote (KEY), for PowerPoint (PPTX)

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A presentation – is a coherent sequence of slides developed in a single style and saved in a single file. Multimedia is an interactive information technology that combines text, graphics, sound and video. Multimedia documents differ from the usual ones because besides traditional text and graphics data they can contain sound and music information, animated graphics, video fragments. A multimedia presentation is a combination of computer graphics, animation, music, video, text, which are organized in a single document. As a rule, the multimedia presentation has a script, plot and structure, organized for easy perception of information. Dynamic visual and sound series allow you to convey any information in a visual, easily perceivable form. The digital marketing plan template is an excellent example of such visualization tools. A distinctive feature of the multimedia presentation is its interactivity, i.e. the ability to interact with the audience with the help of the modern computer means.


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