Digital marketing strategy template Keynote

digital marketing strategy template keynote


Multimedia presentations as a marketing tool

Multimedia presentations are, first of all, a marketing tool designed to solve the following marketing problems:

  • informing about the goods and services produced by the company in a dynamic visual form, maximally focused on a specific target audience;
  • multimedia support of large-scale advertising campaigns to promote a product or brand;
  • loyalty support by attaching media with a multimedia presentation to a product or service;
  • PR- and BTL-actions multimedia support.

Benefits of multimedia presentations

Compared with television commercials, multimedia presentations have a number of unique advantages:

  • Interactivity – the possibility of targeted interaction of a potential client with multimedia tools and digital marketing dashboard.
  • Mobility – the possibility to display an ad before the chosen target audience at any time, and anywhere.
  • Absence of expenses for the demonstration of an advertising multimedia roller on TV.
  • Informative character – unlike a television video clip, the duration of which is limited by the cost of air time when it is shown, in the case of a multimedia clip there is no such restriction. The multimedia clip can contain a full amount of information about the offered product or service.
  • Creativity – visual technologies, unique information presentation, the possibility of interactive work with multimedia images – all these allow you to keep the attention of the target audience on the information.

How to create a presentation? Basic tips for creating the presentation

Before you start creating your digital marketing presentation, you should clearly understand what are you going to convey to the audience and what is the essence of your presentation. Therefore, it is necessary to look through as much literature as possible, make a list of necessary information.

You have to know and feel your audience. Then you can tune in to the audience and thereby set the right mood. This is an important step to success.

The presentation should not contain excess information. Each slide should be a link that is logically related to the topic, and corresponds to the overall idea of the presentation.

Do not overload slides with unnecessary details (including animation). Animation should be used only to draw listeners’ attention to the main key moments of the slide. Do not forget that sound and visual effects should not distract the audience from the main information.

What is the template for?

The multimedia presentations are widely used in different professional spheres; therefore, on this site we offer a great diversity of professional high-quality keynote animation templates and infographic elements for your presentations.

The presentations have long become an important part of each meeting or seminar. Almost every marketing, scientific, business conference is held with the use of this visualization tool. This is due to the fact that the presentation can successfully support the speech proving your words with visual facts, statistics, figures, as well as serve as your assistant. In fact, the presentation is the plan of your speech, thus, based on this visual element, it is easy to coherently develop the topic. You can easily demonstrate your communication skills in presentation.

This template is designed for marketing plans. The marketing plan is an important document for each enterprise or business were all necessary information is indicated, development prospects and goals are set. Such documents can be perfectly displayed using such ready-made samples as this one.

The composition of the digital marketing strategy template

This template is comprised of 34 premade unique slides available for Keynote users. It is supported by different versions of this software. The template is made in 10 premade color themes so it’s up to you what color combination is to choose.

This template is characterized by an excellent structure where all slides are logically connected and professionally developed. You’ll easily place all necessary information on the sample. Moreover, due to a large number of multipurpose slides gathered within this template, it is possible to display absolutely any type of information. On this page, you’ll find such useful elements as charts, pricing tables, lists, diagrams, swot analysis presentation template, and others.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Our templates are widely used for business and marketing meetings so it is evident that every speaker wants to impress the listeners and create a good reputation. In such cases, your visual aid serves as an image maker. Therefore, we understand this fact and offer only unique professional templates the quality of which is approved and guaranteed. Working with our slides, every speaker can be sure for 100% that this task chart template will be free of any visible defects as well as remain excellent quality when you display it on high-resolution devices.
  1. Built-in tools. All modern built-in tools that are necessary for a convenient and easy work with our template are applied to it. Thus, due to them you can edit all vector elements in a few clicks.
  1. Modern design. Looking through some projects or presentations, it becomes clear why is it important to make the presentation in one single style. Our digital marketing template has minimalistic neutral design that is widely popular nowadays. Due to such color combination, the template (and your future presentations) won’t look bored or depress the audience as well as distract their attention as too vivid themes do.
  1. Visualization tools. These are the elements without which no presentation on digital marketing can be created. Visualization tools include various diagrams, charts, timelines, tables, lists, illustrations, infographic elements. In other words, everything that diversifies boring text flow. But it is not the only advantage of these tools. They are designed to:
  • Simplify the process of perception;
  • Convert complex or boring information into attractive schemes;
  • Draw the listeners’ attention and help to catch it for the entire speech period.

On this sample, you’ll find plenty of various visualization elements that perfectly cope with their tasks and display any information clearly and interestingly.

  1. Multipurpose template. Although this digital marketing template is designed mainly for the marketing plan presentations, it is also suitable for other business projects. You can use these slides to present a business proposal, idea, or report. The design and structure of the template make it multipurpose and widely used.
  1. Premade easy-to-use template. The slides that comprise the template are ready-made. It means that all you have to do is to insert necessary information and that’s it. The use of such templates significantly saves time as you’ll cope with this task quicker. The employees who have already used our digital marketing strategy template at work note that it simplifies their job responsibilities. What is more, you do not necessarily have to have additional computer skills to be able to work with the slides.
  1. Free 24/7 support


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