“Everest” Keynote template

What is the “Everest” Keynote template for?

Visiting different conferences, each of you, for sure, came across different reports and presentations. One speaker is able to catch the audience and hisher presentation passes, as they say, in one breath. While the other speaker has the audience “sitting in front of the laptop”, sleeping or just leaving the hall. Why is happen? What influence the audience?

In its functions, a successful presentation should perform the following functions:

  • The presentation should have a clear structure of information presenting;
  • The presentation should give rise to positive emotions towards you and your company and stimulate the continuation of the relationship;
  • The presentation should concisely and logically present and describe the topic.

To create an excellent presentation, it is necessary that it meets the following requirements:

  • The presentation should have clearly formulated strategic and tactical tasks. The presenter should understand why heshe is performing every particular action.
  • Any information in the presentation should be relevant, have an amplifying effect. It should stimulate the audience’s desire to continue communication.
  • Information should be submitted by information blocks. Each new information block should be a continuation of the previous one. The main tasks of the presentation should be stated as a harmonious chain of tasks.

The “Everest” Keynote template successfully copes with this task. The tools and elements help to create a clear informative project that will meet the above-mentioned requirements.

The composition of the template.

150 unique ready-made slides comprise the template. It is equipped with a set of useful tools and necessary elements that make the template easy-to-use, provide safe and productive work. 16×9, 4×3 Aspect Ratio is available. 30 pre made color themes are at your disposal. The template is customized. As it was said, the template is able to cope with all tasks that the employee set while creating a business or marketing presentation. To do that, the template includes a great variety of multipurpose slides. In the template, you will find such useful and necessary slides as basic slides, tons of graphs and charts, timelines, a grate number of diagrams and infographics, many maps, other slides. All of them are professionally organized. Generally, the template is well-structured, the info blocks follows each other logically what let you describe the topic coherently and clear.

The advantages of the template.

  1. High quality. Approved high quality gives a guarantee that there won’t be any defects such as visible pixels while using the projector or other high-resolution devices at the presentation or printing the handouts. 
  2. A modern creative design. If you choose a poor design, your presentation won’t be catching and exciting. A well-design template is your key to a good impression and success.
  3. Built-in tools. To our template, we applied vector elements that make it fully editable. Changing colors, size in not a problem.
  4. Free Google fonts.
  5. Multipurpose slides. This template is a perfect tool for marketing and business projects, plans, ideas. Reports and analysis ca be easily presented as well. The slides are gathered in such way that you can express any kind of information clearly.
  6. A ready-made easy-to-use template. It is easy to save time and simplify work with our template that allows you to create projects in a few minutes.
  7. Free 24/7 support. If you have questions, you are welcomed!

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