Fishbone diagram template PowerPoint

What is the Fishbone diagram template PowerPoint slide for?

The method of fishbone is the identification and in-depth consideration of the problem by means of cause-effect relationships. In the end, you always get a conclusion or an answer, if a question was initially posed.

In order to make the whole analysis of the problem more evident, a fishbone scheme is used which is very similar in appearance to the structure of the fish skeleton:

  • the head in this scheme represents the problem to be solved, or the question to be answered;
  • upper bones–means the basic concepts or reasons for the problem;
  • lower bones–are facts or arguments;
  • the tail contains a conclusion or an answer to a question.

The fishbone scheme that is the main subject of Fishbone diagram template PowerPoint allows you achieving greater effect in a difficult situation, where conventional techniques do not bring the desired result. The fishbone technique, due to its unusual nature, is able to help to find out fresh ideas in unlimited quantities, especially at the stage of “brainstorming”.

Fill the fishbone scheme with short notes, and capacious phrases – key words that reflect the essence of the problem. Laconically stated facts bring even more clarity and specifics, which allows thinking more logically and consistently.

Where is the fishbone strategy applied?

Most often, the fishbone method of the topic analyzing is used in marketing, business production when developing new products or for the purpose of assessing the quality of already produced products.

In this case, the fishbone scheme as the main causes contains the following categories:

  • people – all employees involved in the process;
  • methods – rules, technologies, procedures;
  • equipment – tools and computers;
  • materials – everything necessary for production.

The method of fishbone is also used in other spheres of business – in lending, consulting, and advertising.

In whatever sphere a person works, thinking is the basis of his/her actions. Therefore, the strategy of the fishbone, allowing to make a deep analysis of the problem or phenomenon, will always be in demand and relevant.

The composition of the slide

On this slide, we represent a schematic type of a horizontal fishbone technique. A long bar with cut line segments depicts the fish skeleton. This slide is equipped with a full range of necessary elements, built-in tools, Retina Ready, standard fonts, necessary Aspect ratio. Various versions of PowerPoint software support this template. A clear structure and the blocks for short text notes allow you to present the problem consistently and clearly. It is easy to develop the issue, describe the facts, concepts, arguments.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality. Choosing our slides, you can be sure that its quality won’t get worse. All our templates perfectly suit any high-resolution displays and remain its quality. You won’t find any visible defects such as pixels or blurred lines.
  1. Editable vector elements. We try to make your work as convenient as possible. Therefore, to extend your working possibilities, we applied built-in tools to this slide, due to which you can edit vector elements (colors, shapes, size) in a few clicks.
  1. A multipurpose slide. This slide will be appropriate in any project. It can be widely used in marketing analyzes of the market, advertising projects, consulting, business ideas.
  1. A premade easy-to-use slide. This slide will become your assistant at work. If you want to save time, work efficiently and quickly, then look at this template! Insert information and simplify your responsibilities! It is a useful tool for any office employee which will support your image, impress the colleagues, and help at work.
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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