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free powerpoint theme

We are glad to welcome you on our site where dozens of useful templates and elements for your presentations are represented! Each manager, employee, businessman will find necessary tools for the presentations. On this page, Free PowerPoint theme is represented.

What is the template for?

Few entrepreneurs are able to run a new project or business especially a high-tech one without investors’ investment. Each beginning businessman tries to solve the task how to convince potential investors to invest in your project. The more money the investor has, the more options heshe regards to invest, and not necessarily in high-risk venture projects. To convince the investors to invest in your startup, you have to consistently answer the main questions that are important for them:

  • who are you and what is your distinctive feature;
  • why is it worth investing in the sphere/industry right now;
  • why should they invest in you in the chosen sphere;
  • what is your competitive advantage in comparison with your competitors;
  • how will you return (and multiply) money; what is your go-to-market strategy, through which channels you will reach the customersusers;
  • most importantly – how much money they can earn investing in you.

All these questions can be successfully represented and developed with the help of the presentation. and this free PowerPoint template download can become your assistant in this task. It is important to understand that the presence of the presentation significantly increases the investors’ interest to the project, and if it is made at a high level and successfully presented, then it leads the project to the leaders, reducing the competition at the investment stage.

In order the presentation to prompt investors to show interest in the project, it should:

  • Answer questions posed by any investor;
  • Be based on clear and professional financial calculations;
  • Be prepared taking into account the type of the audience to which it is addressed;
  • Contain easy for perception data.

Nowadays, the presentation is required at any meeting and when you speak to the investors, it becomes an indispensable tool. Moreover, it doesn’t only simplify data presentation and perception but also serves as guide and support for you. You can rely on this visual aid and address to it to coordinate your speech and refresh the next point.

The composition of the template

On this page, you see free presentation PowerPoint template that is comprised of 14 premade unique slides of excellent quality. The template is designed for different versions of PowerPoint software. On the sample, there is a standard set of slides that can reflect different types of information. It serves as the basis for your presentation. This template has only several slides with diagrams and charts. If it is not enough, additionally, it is possible to choose other elements that can be found on our site.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Besides the functions of support and guide, the presentation based on auto animation PowerPoint templates also serves as the image-maker for each speaker. Displaying the visual aid to investors, they judge not only its content but also the quality of the template, the way information is presented. This information allows them to create the first impression and judge about your competence and skills. For you, a high-quality visual tool is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and impress the audience. So, pay particular attention to the quality of the chosen template. Choosing our templates, you can be sure that they won’t have any defects. The quality of this clipart PowerPoint free download template as well as other elements is approved and guaranteed. Regardless of the devices’ resolution, our elements won’t have visible pixels, blurred slides and other nasty defects.
  1. Free download. This template is absolutely free! You can just download animation PowerPoint template, use for your business projects and reports, and enjoy working with it! Do not lose such an excellent opportunity to get a high-quality professional template for free!
  1. Built-in tools. These slides are well-equipped with a full set of necessary editable elements. Due to these tools, you can edit shape, colors, size and other characteristics. These elements simplify your work and make it quick and convenient.
  1. Modern design. This Free PowerPoint theme is made in minimalistic modern style that looks smart and suits any occasion. This design is rather popular nowadays since it does not distract the listener’s attention and they follow your thoughts and does not make the audience indifferent or bored as gloomy colors. Thus, you see that the choice of the presentation’s design is a responsible task so it is advisable to choose more neutral shades.
  1. Visualization tools. Looking through startup deck examples, you’ll definitely notice a great diversity of various visual elements that help to clearly present complex information and simplify the process of its perception. These tools include tables, charts, diagrams, models, infographics and others. They are widely used to add vividness and diversify monotonous presentations as well as attractively and clearly display complex data, statistics, etc. This template includes few of them.
  1. Multipurpose template. This free presentation PowerPoint is basic. It can be used in a variety of spheres starting from marketing, advertising, and business and up to science, medicine and education. Due to its set of slides, it is suitable for different events and occasions.
  1. Premade easy-to-use slides. To use these slides, there is no need to have additional skills. Beginning users easily cope with the slides and quickly learn how to work with them. The purpose of free charts download template is to save employees’ working time and simplify their responsibilities. Using the template at work, you’ll spend less time for the creation of visual projects.
  1. Free 24/7 support

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