Funnel diagram free Keynote template

How to make a funnel quickly and efficiently?

We are happy to welcome you on our site where you’ll find thousand useful slides, necessary elements for work and presentations. On this page, we introduce a new slide for such popular marketing tool as the sales funnel. You will find out how to make a funnel.

If you raise such question, you’re likely to make some marketing project, report. There are three possible ways to solve this problems:

  1. Make the slideelement on your own. In this case, you’ll spend lots of time for learning the theory. Most often, this option comes to be inefficient.
  2. Use one of Keynote standard templates. In this case, your choice is limited and the templates are most likely to be quite commonplace and simple. If you want to have a unique template with a creative design, you can find various options on our site.
  3. Use this slide that is ready for work and equipped with a full set of necessary elements.

The peculiarities of the slide

Innovation funnel slide is devoted to the sales funnel, that is why on the slide, there is the funnel cut into several separate pieces.

Visual tools are obligatory elements of any presentation, because if your presentation is overloaded with text and complex information, it will be difficult to perceive it, and the audience is likely to get bored very quickly. Charts, models, clipart, images, diagrams are the examples of the elements that are able to diversify your presentation, convert complex data or statistics into a vivid chart.

The slide is also characterized by a clear structure. It is easy to logically allocate information within the slides and make your speech coherent. If you develop your topic step by step where all thoughts follow one another, it is better for the listeners to perceive the topic and get the essence of the speech.

Finally, the slide is your support and assistant. Visual aid proves your words displaying statistics, figures, data. You can rely on the presentation and be sure that if you forget some point, you will be able to find it on the slide.

The advantages of the innovation funnel slide:

  1. High quality. The quality of all our elements is approved. If you want to find the tool that won’t have any visible defects, choose the slides and templates on our site. This point is very important because the presentation serves as your image maker when you speak to the audience. It is able to create a positive impression and prove your knowledge.
  1. Built-in tools. This option allows editing of all vector elements. Your work with our slide should be as convenient and quick as possible.
  1. A multipurpose template. The sales funnels are widely used in marketing as one of the most popular methods of the target audience analyzing. Therefore, this slide can be used in reports and marketing presentations for meetings and team work.
  1. An easy-to-use premade slide. With this slide, you can forget about such question as how to make a funnel as it allows saving time and simplifying the working process.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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