Funnel image

What is the Funnel image slide for?

Sales funnel – is the principle of customers’ distribution through the stages of the sales process from the first contact till the conclusion of the deal. And our Funnel image template helps you to consider this topic and visualize information.

The sales funnel is a graph that resembles an inverted pyramid: the upper broad part shows how many customers are at the initial stage of the sales process, and the bottom one – with how many customers have already signed a contract. From this table, you can draw several conclusions that will serve as the basis for more detailed analysis or management actions, for example:

  • How many clients do you need to conclude the required number of contracts? Based on this statistic, it is possible to obtain appropriate estimates;
  • How many customers are being eliminated at each stage; or what percentage of customers is moving to the next stage?

The sales funnel allows you to draw conclusions about the quality of management and the need to intensify efforts at any stage of the sale.

The sales funnel is almost a multipurpose tool for sales management and allows solving a much wider range of tasks than mentioned above (for example, tasks for forecasting sales, creating sales schedules, etc.). If we talk about marketing sales support, then the sales funnel is a multipurpose tool for planning, let us say, the number of contacts at each stage of sales, the required number of advertising materials.

The composition of the slide

This premade template consisted of one unique slide for Google slides is professionally structured and well-equipped. A convenient placement of the text and the scheme allows presenting the topic logically, describing the issue consistently. Such information visualization will diversify your project and attract the audience. Standard fonts, retina ready, necessary Aspect ratios, built-in tools are included.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality – demonstrate it freely on the displays with any resolutions without problems! No defects, no blurred segments, no visible pixels. On our site, you’ll find only approved high-quality templates.
  2. Editable vector elements – all built-in tools are editable.
  3. A multipurpose slide – it is a useful convenient tools for businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketers.
  4. A premade easy-to-use slide – create reports, analysis in a few minutes and save time! Use the slide to simplify working process.
  5. Free 24/7 support.

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