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A 5 funnel template is a visual representation of the various stages of a sales funnel. It helps to create an easy-to-understand overview of the process and provide a clear roadmap for the sales team. The 5 funnel template is composed of five steps: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase and Referral. This template is a five-step process to create a presentation or workshop. It helps the presenter to make sure that they are not wasting time on things that they don’t have to do and instead focus on what they are best at – creativity and emotions. The first step of the 5 funnel template is the title slide. This is where you will put your key message and the overall goal of your presentation. The next step is creating an overview slide, which will have a brief introduction of what you plan to talk about during your presentation. The third step focuses on content creation, which includes creating text slides and images for your slides as well as adding visual elements like charts, graphs and diagrams. The fourth step focuses on design, which includes adding color schemes, fonts, layouts and other visual elements that you want in your presentation. Lastly, the fifth step focuses on delivery – this includes adding transitions between slides as well as animations like background music or audio clips that can be used in your presentation.


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