Funnel PowerPoint 5 step

Welcome to this site. Dozens of multipurpose premade templates are represented here. Among such variety of elements, you’ll definitely find the ones that you need. On this page, we introduce funnel PowerPoint 5 step template.

What is the slide for?

The funnel sale is a marketing tool that reflects the main stages that each customer overcomes from the moment when heshe’s got acquainted with your service or product to the moment of purchase. Each marketer, advertiser, businessman considers this element useful and important when analyzing the customers’ behavior, chosen marketing strategy, etc. The funnel also allows you to make market research.

The slide is widely used for reporting when the employees have to present the results of their work and performance; it is an excellent tool to analyze the efficiency of marketing campaign, find the weak points, and try to correct them.

The sales funnel concept states that at the beginning, the number of potential customers significantly exceeds the number of actual clients who’ll make a purchase. And with every step, more and more people leave the funnel. Thus, if you make a competent analysis of each step, you’ll find out on what stage, more clients go out and why. Being aware of your weak points, you’ll be able to make work on bugs and develop a successful strategy.

The composition of the slide

This slide is designed for PowerPoint users. On the sample, there is a funnel that reminds an inverted pyramid. The funnel is cut into 5 blocks or segments. According to sales funnel concept, each segment denotes the number of customers. The arrows indicate the direction. The segments are enumerated. The slide is made in blue and green colors.

The advantages of the funnel PowerPoint 5 step slide:

  1. High quality. We create only high-quality templates and can guarantee their quality. You can be sure that this funnel won’t have any defects including blurred slides and visible pixels. The slide remains excellent quality if you display it on any high-resolution devices. This option is important for each speaker who wants to demonstrate hisher expertise and create an excellent impression.
  1. Built-in tools. If the chosen color design doesn’t match your projectpresentation, you can easily edit it as well as other vector elements as shape and size. Built-in tools allow editing in two clicks. This function allows you to work quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.
  1. Multipurpose element. The funnel is used in business, marketing and other related spheres where employees frequently deal with the analyses of market strategies, customers, goods and services distribution.
  1. Pre-made easy-to-use slide. This template allows simplifying employees’ job responsibilities and saving their time. No additional knowledge is required.
  1. Visualization element. This funnel PowerPoint 5 step is a kind of visualization tools that are used to diversify presentations and add them vividness as well as clearly present complex information.
  1. Free 247 support

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