Funnel shape for PowerPoint

What is the Funnel shape for PowerPoint slide for?

There are many different tools that are used to increase sales and make one’s business profitable. Among the most accessible and easy to use is the sales funnel, which has a number of advantages. That’s why our Funnel shape for PowerPoint template is designed for this topic.

The principle that shows the distribution of customers for all stages of the transaction, starting from the acquaintance of the product and finishing with the purchase, is called the sales funnel. Such a concept was proposed in 1898 by a lawyer from America to describe and analyze the psychology of consumption. The sales funnel is a tool that can be used in various trade areas, from an online store to large networks.

The traditional model includes four main stages:

  1. First of all, the potential consumers get acquainted with the product. It is advertising that tries to catch the consumers, interest them;
  2. The second stage is interest. At this stage, the client should be convinced that with the help of the service or the goods heshe will be able to solve some problem. Phone calls, correspondence in Skype, social network or by mail are widely used.
  3. The third stage represents the desire of the consumer to buy your good or service.
  4. The purchase itself.

What is the sales funnel for?

There are a number of specific advantages that can be obtained by using this method. Thus, the sales funnel:

  • Helps to control the sales process at each stage;
  • Gives a chance to analyze the manager’s performance;
  • Determines which stage requires adjustment due to the large number of eliminated customers;
  • Helps to increase potential customers;
  • Helps increase business profitability.

The composition of the slide

This template is a perfect combination of a well-structured content slide, minimalistic design, and high quality. It is equipped with all necessary built-in tools. Here, you will find standard fonts, necessary Aspect ratios, and retina ready. The slide is developed by professionals. On the slide, you’ll find all necessary elements to create a full-scale project and describe the topic consistently and clearly: the text block, a clear accessible scheme. The slide is supported by a number of PowerPoint versions.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality. This slide has as excellent quality that doesn’t worsen in case of demonstrating your projects on the displays with high-resolution (projectors, laptops, tablets and other modern devices). Using this slide, you can be sure that there won’t be any visible defects.
  1. Editable vector elements. Creating our template, we try to make them as useful as possible. This option significantly extends your working possibilities. You can edit size, colors and other vector elements in a few clicks.
  1. A multipurpose slide. This slide can be widely used for various analysis and reports where the strategies, concepts, and sales are regarded. Thus, this template will be a good addition to any project. This template not only presents your topic from the best side, describes all side of the issue, but also helps to create a good reputation and impress your listeners.
  1. A premade easy-to-use slide. The slide can be used by any user: no matter what level of skills and computer knowledge heshe has. A ready-made slide can become your assistant with the help of which you’ll create presentations in a few minutes, work quickly and efficiently. A premade slide also allows you to avoid those typical mistakes that are frequently made by the managers who make projects on their own.
  1. Free 24/7 support. We’ll be glad to answer your questions if there are any.

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