Google mindmap

What is the slide for?

Google mindmap performs a number of important functions what explains its popularity. The slide is widely used in various fields:

  1. Systematization of information. Mind maps allow you to structure any information. The scheme is designed to clearly show what properties, advantages or disadvantages are possessed by this or that issue, subject, how it can be used, and so on. Such a clear structure will help to navigate more easily in a large amount of information, both while preparing an article or speech, and during a presentation or lecture. Imagine that listeners will see a beautiful and understandable diagram instead of a chaotic verbal flow. The scheme is a perfect way to make your speech successful.
  1. Training. When preparing for exams, passing the courses, you have to memorize and organize a large amount of material. Mind maps are an excellent tool for drawing up abstracts or plans of articles, term papers, theses. With the help of mind maps it is easy to break up any question into components, and in turn, split them into even smaller sub-items. Thus, you get a detailed, holistic analysis of any question that you will have before your eyes in the form of a clear scheme. One more plus of the maps is also in the fact that the information can be analyzed till the smallest pieces adding new branches to the already existing ones. As a result, you will not miss even the smallest details.
  1. Planning. It is possible to plan almost everything using the google mindmaps: time costs for actions or plans that should be implemented. Or even a budget, training plan for a week, shopping lists.

The composition of the slide

The slide represents a branched tree-like scheme with two levels. In the center, there is the semantic core. This template is well-equipped with all necessary modern tools and useful built-in elements. Text blocks are provided. Choosing this template, you get:

  • The too that serves as a guide, perfect plan, support;
  • The scheme that successfully visualizes information;
  • The map that logically presents thoughts and puts them in order.

The advantages of Google mindmaps:

  1. High quality. It is a professional slide of high quality. Choosing it, you can be sure that if it is displayed on high-resolution screens, there won’t be any defects (blurred slides, lines, pixels).
  1. Built-in tools. Extended possibilities are for you due to the use of built-in tools that allow editing of all vector elements.
  1. A multipurpose slide. The slide is frequently used in business environment as well as in everyday life.
  1. A premade easy-to-use template. Google mindmap is designed to save time and simplify your life and work. You’ll be able to make mind maps in a few minutes. Moreover, this template successfully demonstrates your expertise and underlines professional approach to the question. You don’t have to possess any special knowledge or computer skills to use the slide. It is easy to use, so you can work with the template without difficulties.
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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