Google slides mockup template



What is this Google Slides mockup template for?

Every user or office employee who often has to make creative presentations or digital projects will highly appreciate this site. A great diversity of unique multipurpose elements is represented here. On this page, you see the Google Slides mockup template where we gathered the most popular modern devices.

The speakers who want to represent a professional high-quality project display information with the help of different visualization elements. The mockups serve as a separate type of visualization tools, which are frequently used in a number of presentations and digital projects. Their popularity is explained by:

  • The ability to illustrate particular information;
  • The ability to make boring projects vivid and attractive. Such a mockup is able to refresh the listeners and does not let them get tired;
  • The ability to clarify complex information. Some data or question can be better developed with the help of such elements. Thus, the listeners won’t have difficulties while perceiving and remembering it.

The composition of the template

This template consists of 13 unique premade slides. These elements are designed for Google Slides. On the sample, you see an iPhone mockup template, a TV, a watch, an Ipad, a Samsung galaxy element, soon. All these devices are combined in one set so that you’ll be able to get all the necessary tablets and smartphones at once.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Choosing this set of slides, you can be confident that no problems will occur while displaying it on any screens. The slides are free of visible defects when the users demonstrate them on high-resolution devices. Nevertheless, this Google Slides mockup template does not only look perfect but also helps to prove your competence and impress the audience.
  1. Built-in tools. This template is made using only editable shape so you won’t face difficulties if there is the need to edit some vector elements.
  1. Multipurpose slides. Such mockups are frequently added to a variety of marketing, advertising, and business projects, reports.
  1. Premade easy-to-use element. If you use Google Slides to make presentations, this Google mockup template will be an ideal assistant for you. The pack will simplify your working process and help to spend less time on the creation of projects and reports.
  1. Free 24/ 7 support

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