Hierarchy Company Positions Chart Template with Photos Slide

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A Hierarchy Company Positions Chart Template provides a visual representation of the organizational structure within a company. Enhanced with photos, this slide offers an immediate visual connection to each position, making it easier for viewers to identify and understand the roles of key personnel. Ideal for presentations, it ensures clarity and engagement when discussing the company’s internal structure.

Hierarchy Company Positions Chart Template with Photos Slide: A Comprehensive Guide

An structure chart, commonly referred to as an org chart, is a diagram that showcases the hierarchical nature of an organization. Such a chart is a powerful tool for visualizing the chain of command, the roles and responsibilities of every employee, and the overall company structure. The chart may reflect a hierarchical organization chart, flat organizational structure, matrix organizational structure, or even divisional structure, among others. Understanding these types of organizational structures is crucial for both employees and stakeholders to grasp the company’s strategy and its operational workflow.

Features of Our Organizational Chart Template

  1. Compatibility: This is a versatile presentation slide template suitable for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  2. Aspect Ratio: Designed with an aspect ratio of 16:9, ensuring that your org structure looks great on both regular screens and wide screens.
  3. Fully Editable: Complete with full editable vector shapes, allowing users to customize the chart according to their company’s unique needs.
  4. Visual Integration: The inclusion of photos offers a more personal touch, allowing viewers to make a visual connection with individuals across the organization.

Types of Organizational Structures and How to Use Them

There are various types of org charts, each serving specific purposes and suitable for different company needs:

  • Hierarchical Organizational Chart: This is a traditional org chart that displays a top-down structure. It showcases the chain of command from the top executive to middle management and down to every employee.
  • Flat Org Chart: Emphasizes a business model with few or no levels of middle management between executives and staff.
  • Matrix Organizational Structure Chart: This type of chart is unique as it depicts employees with dual roles and responsibilities. It’s especially prevalent in companies that work on various projects simultaneously.
  • Divisional Organizational Chart: Organizes roles based on product or project divisions. Each division can have its functional org chart.
  • Functional Organizational Chart: Organizes roles based on job function.

When you’re about to create an org chart, consider the current organizational structure of your company. If your company grows, the chart would evolve, and you’d need to visualize changes in roles or the addition of new departments.

Advantages of Using Our Org Chart Template

  • Clarity in Visualization: A clear organizational chart helps provide a snapshot of the company or group structure, displaying how the organization is structured.
  • Efficiency: With our template, you can create your own org chart without the need for specialized organizational chart software or an organizational chart maker.
  • Design Flexibility: With various chart design options, from the traditional hierarchical to the flat organizational chart, there’s something for every type of organization.

Making the Most of Your Org Chart

As your company strategy evolves, your organizational structure may also need to adapt. Organizational charts are useful in visualizing these changes, ensuring everyone within the organization understands their roles and how they fit into the larger picture. Whether you’re a large company or a small startup, a business organizational chart is a valuable tool in illustrating the network structure and the chain of command.


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