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Welcome to our service that is designed for employees, businessmen, marketers to provide them with useful visual tools and elements for their presentations. On this page, you can see Ishikawa diagram template.

What is the Ishikawa diagram template for?

Ishikawa diagram is also called the “fish bone” method and “cause effect analysis”. It is represented in the form of a diagram, due to which it becomes possible to consider and reveal the factors of negative consequences of some activity or process, as well as to anticipate and prevent their occurrence in the future. Like other tools of quality control, Ishikawa diagram is considered to be an excellent means of visualizing and organizing knowledge. Most often, it is used to develop new products, ideas or technologies, as well as to clarify the difficulties in providing services, manufacturing products, equipment breakdowns and so on.

The Ishikawa diagram is one of the main tools used to measure, evaluate, monitor and improve the quality of production processes and, together with a scatter diagram, stratification, checklist, histogram, Pareto chart and control chart, is included in the list of “seven quality control tools”.

Stages of work with the Ishikawa diagram

The work with the Ishikawa diagram can be divided into several main stages:

  • Determination of all causes and factors that affect the result;
  • Systematization of these factors and causes into the cause-effect and semantic sections;
  • Assessment and prioritization of factors and causes within the sections;
  • Analysis of the structure obtained;
  • Identification and cutting off the factors and causes that can not be influenced;
  • Omission of insignificant causes and factors.

In order to more accurately determine the factors and causes that have the greatest impact on the problem, it is recommended to use the method of brainstorming, based on stimulating creative activity and generating as many ideas as possible. Usually the Ishikawa diagram that can be found in template fishbone is drawn on a board or a piece of paper, and then the main causes and their features are determined. The schedule should be filled in until the whole diagram is filled with cause-effect relationships. Once this stage is completed, you should proceed to the root cause identifying.

The diagram under consideration has its main advantages:

  • It allows the participants or listeners to concentrate on the very content of the issue;
  • Due to this diagram, the team can begin the discussion, during which the weaknesses, threats, and other complexities of the entire work system are indicated. As a result of brainstorming over overcoming obstacles, it is highly probable to get a creative and effective solution to the problem;
  • The diagrams included in fishbone timeline template are easy for perception and are used in all situations;
  • The effect of collective thinking is created when all employees of different levels are included in the process and, depending on their position and competence, can make changes. For instance, the manager does not have much information about the exact composition of the material produced, so the opinion of employees who are directly responsible for the storage conditions and quality of the goods, the purchase of raw materials and so on will be more important and meaningful.
  • The causes of the disorders are formed into separate categories, what is very convenient for the course of the discussion.

The composition of the template

This Ishikawa fishbone template is comprised of 27 ready-made unique slides for Keynote software. It represents a full pack of fishbone diagrams. 10 color themes are available for this set. The slides are fully equipped with all necessary elements for a convenient work. On the sample, there are different designs of this diagram: some of them are more creative and vivid, the others – are more structural. Among such great variety of various types of the fishbone diagram, you’ll find the one that is more suitable and appropriate for your presentation.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Looking through the sample fishbone diagram template, you can notice its excellent quality. it is true: we guarantee high quality of all our elements including this one. If you choose this template, you can keep calm and work with confidence: your presentations won’t have any nasty defects such as cut edges, visible pixels, or blurred slides. it is an important moment since the presentations serves as the speaker’s image maker!
  1. Built-in tools. Fishbone diagram template download is fully editable. Colors, size and other vector characteristics can be edited in two clicks.
  1. Visualization elements. The presentation is a visual tool itself since it has been created to visualize oral information and convert complex information into vivid attractive schemes and charts. Thus, its connection with visual elements is obvious. No presentation is made without some visual tools. Various schemes, clip arts, charts, diagrams, infographics and so on comprise this category. The fishbone chart template is a pure example of visualization elements. Here, a full set of diagrams is provided. Their purpose is to structure complex text information, add vividness and clarity to the speech or regarded problem, simplify the process of perception.
  1. Multipurpose slides. The template is suitable for brainstorming, various reports and analyses, projects. Thus, it is widely used in business, marketing, advertising, other spheres where causal relations are frequently analyzed.
  1. A premade easy-to-use template. Cause and effect fishbone diagram template simplifies employees’ job responsibilities and saves their working time. They will be able to spend less time for preparing presentations. Moreover, the users with different levels of computer skills can successfully use it for work. Even if you are not computer literate, you’ll easily learn the principle of work with the slides.
  1. Free 24/7 support.


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