Marketing Campaign Timeline 12 Months for PowerPoint

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We recommend using PowerPoint to demonstrate your marketing campaign or activity periods. The Marketing Campaign Timeline 12 Months PPT is designed to accommodate the need for users to visualize information about time periods, activity types, and progress when creating reports and presentations.

This Marketing Campaign Timeline template is suitable for preparing a report, demonstration, presentation or visual illustration. The PPT slide will save you time and make your data easier to work with.

The Marketing Campaign slide contains a table with a 12-month division (calendar year) and rows to indicate 6 concurrent events or projects. For each project, you can specify the type of activity and the period of that activity, referenced to the months of the year. The progress bar above the table can show a specific time period, such as when the information is shown. This will help to better understand which project activities have already passed, which are happening now, and which are planned for the future.

The arrow in the right part of the progress bar indicates the direction of movement when reading the table. The table was created using the standard Microsoft Office PowerPoint spreadsheet tool. You can easily change border types, colors, merge or split cells, change texts, add or remove columns and rows.

Campaign Timeline 12 Months for Create Marketing Presentation contains:

  • 1 unique slide with a clever structure. The slide is easy to edit even if you are a novice user.
  • The PPT template supports the standard Calibri font, which means you can start working with the slide immediately after downloading.
  • Each element of the presentation is made in a working space of PowerPoint, so you do not need to have skills in other programs.
  • This template is created by a professional designer and adapted for beginner users.

Campaign Timeline for Marketing will save your time when creating a presentation, report, visualization. Use the template as you want: show it with a projector, make a web presentation or print it on an office printer. See the link above for detailed instructions and tips on how to use Campaign Timeline.

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