Marketing Mix place PPT

What is the Marketing Mix place PPT for?

The marketing model means a set of tools that a company can use to improve its competitiveness. Changing the characteristics of the product, setting a suitable price, organizing sales and promotion, it tries to meet the needs of the target markets.

The most popular 4P marketing theory is based on the most frequently used notions:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

This Marketing Mix place PPT template includes the main constituents of the marketing theory that will help to develop a qualitative company’s policy and analyze its performance.

The 4P marketing is the most popular marketing concept that covers 4 more effective factors of company’s success: the product itself, its price, promotion, place.

  • Product – everything that can be necessary for the consumer (satisfy some of hisher needs). The product is a general term that unites the notions of goods and services.
  • Price – the amount of money required for the product.
  • Place – methods of product distribution to the consumer, the system of products marketing.
  • Promotion – a marketing communications system that provides interaction with potential buyers and other target groups to ensure sales.

The marketing mix is a versatile model for marketing management at the tactical level. Despite its simplicity, the model allows you to monitor all the key issues that the marketer face, and can act as a kind of checklist when planning the company’s activities.

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