Marketing Mix Template

What is this Marketing Mix Template slide for?

In order to achieve the desired response from the target consumers, manufacturing companies use a wide variety of tools that in a combination form a marketing mix (marketing complex).

The Marketing Mix Template is our slide that is designed to express information related to this topic. Its structure and design make it possible to present each side of the question. A convenient scheme perfectly visualizes the results of the research.

Marketing mix – a set of marketing tools that are used by the company to solve marketing problems on the target market. J. McCarthy proposed to classify marketing tools in four main directions:

  • Product – is not only its physical characteristics, but also the activities of planning, developing a new product or service;
  • Price – is value of the product in money equivalent
  • Place – is decisions making on suitable methods for the distribution of goods, i.e., which channels and how the distribution should be used to create the easiest consumers access to goods and services;
  • Promotion –is every possible activity of the company to spread the information about the advantages of its goods and convince the target consumers to buy it.

As a rule, the company has the ability to quickly change prices for goods, volumes of supply and advertising costs, but the development of new products and the transformation of distribution channels require considerable time. Thus, on short-term intervals the company is only able to slightly change the marketing mix.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality
  2. A printable template
  3. Built-in tools
  4. Modern design
  5. A multipurpose slide
  6. A premade easy-to-use template
  7. Free 24/7 support

Besides all its features and professional structure, the slide is able to attract the audience’s attention and create a good impression.

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