Marketing plan table tooltips free key template

What is the marketing plan table tooltips free key template for?

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Currently, many companies are trying to closely interact with their customers and quickly respond to their wishes and needs, providing themselves with a competitive advantage over other enterprises. To achieve this goal, it is important to regularly monitor all changes in consumer preferences conducting a marketing research and compiling a marketing plan. Production of products that meet the customers’ needs and desires will increase profitability, attract consumers, determine the list of attractive business development directions. In this regard, the development of a marketing plan is becoming particularly relevant. Creating a marketing plan, one may need such table that is represented on this page.

The composition of the slide

This marketing plan table tooltips free key template is designed for all versions of Keynote software. On the sample, you see the table that consists of a number of columns, lines and cells. The upper horizontal line indicates the months of the year and the total column. The first vertical line is an enumerated list of marketing plans. As you can see, if you click on any cell of the table the description blocks appear. Thus, you can describe the figures, data indicated in the table. The blocks can be of different colors depending on their purpose.

The advantages of the templates keynote:

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