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What is a mind map and how to work with it?

Link diagram, mental map, intelligence map, mind map, associative map. All these terms designate a way of fixing the process of thinking, most similar to how thoughts and ideas are born and developed in our brain. This Mind mapping template includes a set of premade slides with mind maps that will help you to put thoughts in order.

You have used plans, lists and notes thousands of times, haven’t you? And very often something seems wrong with them. It is enough only to think about something more difficult than driving a nail into the wall, as problems begin. As if something restricts you, restrains, hinders, or contradicts the very process of thinking. The way it is.

Ideas grow and develop nonlinearly. One thought gives rise to a number of other, more narrow and related to some particular aspect of the problem being solved. And suddenly you realize that your conclusions lead to the other thought – a new idea related to the original problem, but quite from a different category. Our thinking is radiant. We can develop any idea almost endlessly in all directions.

How to cope with such an uncontrolled flow? How to learn to fix pure creativity? That’s what the creative mind map template is for!

Let’s start with the basics. One way or another, when thinking about something we start from some basic, key, fundamental problem, the subject of reflection – the central theme. This topic should be clearly defined and fixed.

Let’s draw up the capital truth

With a deeper study, one can find not one or even five methods for drawing up mind maps. And practically in each of them there is advice: develop your own style. Frankly speaking, your mind map should not be done in strict accordance with how it was once made by someone.

Someone draws mind maps to the left and to the right, someone do it from the top down, someone in the form of “the sun”. Your main task is to learn how to keep track of your thoughts in a way that is understandable to you. Striving to this objective, pay attention to mind map outline template in which you will find lots of variations of mind maps’ schemes.

Paper or application

In theory, mind map requires lots of space. A4 sheet, most likely, will not be sufficient, especially if you have a sweeping image style. Buying A3 sheet and carrying it with you does not seem to be the best idea, and using only your cozy table for the mind mapping does not really fit in with the realities of life: thoughts visit us everywhere.

Digital mind maps are more functional. They compensate for individual shortcomings of handwriting and the general curvature of the hands. Also, digital maps eliminate the necessity to carry a set of colored pens or pencils and allow you to “magically” attach any additional data to the cards.

For these reasons, it is better to choose a digital or electronic version of the mind map layout. Ideally, such software should be cross-platform so that you can work with your thoughts anywhere: at home, in the office, in the metro and at the dacha. The application for your smartphone or tablet (or a normally made mobile version of the site) as well as a desktop web version will be sufficient.

Professional mind mapping looks like this

There is no sense in following some strict rules of mind mapping. The general principles applicable to creating mind maps in the digital environment will be enough. In this way, you can build maps for completely different purposes, whether it’s blog post, book, or just project development.

If you want to understand how to draw a mind map in PowerPoint you should keep in mind the following crucial sections:

  1. First the central idea comes.
  2. Then the thoughts of the first level – the main ones.
  3. The third and subsequent levels are developed when the second level is organized.

To simplify the process of mind mapping, we offer you a newly-developed Mind mapping template.

The structure of the template

16 unique ready-made slides comprise this template. It is available in 7 colors; thus, you can choose any color theme that is more suitable for your project. Mind map outline template is a well-equipped set of slides. A full range of necessary built-in tools and modern useful elements is applied to the slides. The use of standard fonts allows you to work easier. The template is supported by various versions of PowerPoint software. Among such a great variety of slides, you’ll definitely find an appropriate one; each of them has unique structure. If you’ve ever asked yourself how to draw a mind map in powerpoint, this template is for you. You’ll find a right option for yourself, which helps to structure thoughts, create a branchy map.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Choosing these slides, you’ll get not only a creative mind map template, but also a professional assistant that will become your guide and support. This slide remains excellent quality if it is displayed on any devices with any resolution.
  1. Built-in tools. These tools are fully editable. Such vector elements as colors, shape, size can be edited in two clicks. This function extends the possibilities while working with the slides.
  1. An easy-to-use premade slides. This Mind mapping template is a perfect choice of any mobile person who works elsewhere and doesn’t like to lose time. The slides allow simplifying the mental activity providing an excellent tool for thoughts organization. The template also saves time that you could have spent drawing up the map on your own. You don’t have to possess special skills to be able to work with these slides. Even the beginning users successfully cope with it. If you add such slide to your project, it will demonstrate your expertise and attract everybody’s attention.
  1. A multipurpose template. As the method is widely used in various fields starting from business, marketing to everyday life, the mind map layout will be suitable for any businessman, manager or an ordinary person who generates lots of ideas and has to somehow structure them. This tool helps to bring your thought, ideas in order, find the connections and logic relations between them.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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