Mind mapping template pack for PowerPoint and Keynote

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Link diagram, mental map, intelligence map, mind map, associative map. All these terms designate a way of fixing the process of thinking, most similar to how thoughts and ideas are born and developed in our brain. This Mind mapping template includes a set of premade slides with mind maps that will help you to put thoughts in order. You have used plans, lists and notes thousands of times, haven’t you? And very often something seems wrong with them. It is enough only to think about something more difficult than driving a nail into the wall, as problems begin. As if something restricts you, restrains, hinders, or contradicts the very process of thinking. The way it is. Ideas grow and develop nonlinearly. One thought gives rise to a number of other, more narrow and related to some particular aspect of the problem being solved. And suddenly you realize that your conclusions lead to the other thought – a new idea related to the original problem, but quite from a different category. Our thinking is radiant. We can develop any idea almost endlessly in all directions. How to cope with such an uncontrolled flow? How to learn to fix pure creativity? That’s what the creative mind map template is for! Let’s start with the basics. One way or another, when thinking about something we start from some basic, key, fundamental problem, the subject of reflection – the central theme. This topic should be clearly defined and fixed.


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