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Mind mapping is one of the effective techniques of remembering, which is a graphical representation of information that is presented in the form of a tree-like scheme. Mind map can be drawn both on the paper or electronic media. Is it possible to develop your own memory and attention with the help of this technique, and if so – how? Mind maps templates are designed to help you.

Let’s start with its origin

The technique of mind mapping was developed in the 1970s by Tony Buzen, a British psychologist who was fond of studying the writings of ancient philosophers and Renaissance minds. In his study, Tony Buzen proved that all these outstanding people had long used the method of associations in their works and had focused on the power of imagination, creating their own sketches and illustrations. According to the theory of the psychologist, it makes thoughts alive, interesting, not like boring notes in exercise books. After that, Buzen came to the conclusion that associations and drawings are extremely important in the analysis and development of thoughts.

Why is the method effective?

Network mind map considers a specific problem or idea from completely different sides, what allows excluding the possibility of missing some facts or details in the process of thinking.

At school, children are most often taught to learn information linearly, monotonously – and it’s no surprise that nothing is particularly memorized and many unfortunate children have to cram.

In fact, the basis of correct memorization is to teach the student to distinguish between the main and the secondary. After all, if you properly select the main features and tie them to a secondary one, it is enough to remember only the main details – and associations on the topic will emerge by themselves.

What are the mind maps for?

The undoubted advantage of the technique is that it helps to structure and analyze in detail any information, idea and task, simplifying its concept. This method is useful in learning – it is important for students who should systematize and memorize a huge amount of information. You can use the mind map tree template in everyday life, for example, planning a monthly budget, going out for vacations or shopping.

The scheme will also help if you need to brainstorm, solve professional or personal problems, plan time and goals for a certain period.

This is also a great assistant to solve business problems in the business sphere, marketing, etc.

Electronic mind maps

Despite the fact that among the creative personalities there is a very suspicious attitude towards electronics in favor of paper, there are many fans of creating online mind maps by means of various websites or applications for smartphones and tablets.

In this case, the use of mind maps templates often saves time and resources. This method has its advantages: you can make corrections, swap the branches of the map; it is easier to delete superfluous in digital form, whereas in reality, you will have to take a new piece of sheet and draw it again.

Drawing a mind map

The mind map has particular structure where you can distinguish several main blocks. Necessarily, there should be a nucleus, the center – this is the currently unknown idea, topic, problems. From the center there will be branches, which should be sorted by subject into sub-themes, concepts or ideas. It all depends on what you are analyzing. This scheme is also a great way to memorize the content of books, consider any problem, listen to lectures or understand your own schedule.

The composition of the template

16 unique ready-made slides comprise this tree mind map template. You are free to choose one of 7 color variations. The slides are well-equipped with necessary built-in tools and all modern useful elements. The template is supported by various Keynote versions.

The template includes various modifications of mind maps. Here, you’ll definitely find the slide you need. There are the schemes with one of two branch level, with text blocks and without them, and many others.

Some important functions of network mind map make it popular and widely-used:

  • It is a perfect guide, support. You can remind information looking at the scheme.
  • It allows logic structuring of your thoughts. Due to this feature, you can coherently develop the idea, question; find the answers to the questions.
  • Visualization of boring information and ideas. With this scheme, any complex question, data, topic can be written down clearly and vividly.

That advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. On our site, only high-quality templates are represented. We create the templates that will be the support and image of the speaker as well as won’t cause any problems and inconveniences. For your convenience and safety, choose a professional mind map tree template of high quality. It is a set of high-quality slides that can be displayed on any high-resolution screens without loss of quality. No problems and any visible defects.
  1. Built-in tools. These tools allow editing any vector elements including colors, shapes, size. This option is applied to the slides to make work more convenient and quick.
  1. Standard fonts. You don’t have to install fonts.
  1. An easy-to-use premade template. Presenting your idea, considering a complex question, brainstorming, use such mind maps templates as this one to demonstrate your expertise, impress the listeners, and stand out from the other speakers. In addition to the demonstration of your professionalism, these high-quality premade slides will significantly save your time and simplify job responsibilities. You don’t have to possess any special skills or knowledge to be able to work with this template. The slides are easy to use.
  1. A multipurpose template. Such tree mind map template is used elsewhere. You can find the examples of the mind map either in everyday life (shopping, the schedule of the day, planning vacations) or in marketing, business (brainstorming, planning the budget, etc.), other fields.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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