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We are happy to see on this site! Each employee, manager, businessman will find a useful tool for work on our site. Hundreds of multipurpose unique elements that serve excellent assistants for your presentations are represented here. On this page, you can see Organizational chart template.

What is the organizational chart?

Each small or large enterprise or firm should have its own organizational structure. Whether your company includes three or ten, fifty or thousand employees, everyone should enter the organizational structure of the enterprise and perform certain functions. How to create an organizational chart and optimize it? You’ll find the answers below.

Let’s start with the definition what an organizational chart is. The organizational structure is the distribution of responsibilities and powers within the company. As a matter of fact, each enterprise is comprised of directors and managers, accountants and other employees. And our organizational flow charts allow you to visually represent the hierarchy of the stuff.

Everyone saw a scheme where the director is at the head of the enterprise, and then his assistants, accountants, department heads, employees go. This scheme is the formalized organizational structure of the company, which shows the place of each employee in the career ladder and hisher responsibility.

When a person visually sees what place of the career ladder heshe occupies, then the employee clearly understands what functions heshe should perform and how to do it more efficiently. For example, a person works in a human resources department. There are many employees. What can heshe understand looking at the organizational flow charts?

The chart contains the following information:

  • who is in this department;
  • who manages the department;
  • under whose department the personnel department is;
  • some information that hasn’t been explained.

To do this himherself, the employee will spend much time and this will negatively cause hisher productivity. Looking at the chart, the employee quickly coordinates and joins the team.

However, it is not so easy to draw up an organizational chart hierarchy. It should be noted that in addition to chairs, departments, subdivisions, in the company’s organizational structure there should be some place for the companies with which your enterprise cooperates, for example, suppliers, dealers, cleaning, accounting and transport services. This should also be taken into account. Our premade pack includes a wide range of slides that will help you to easily and clearly visualize your company’s structure.

What is the organizational hierarchy chart template for?

The organizational structure of the company performs a number of important functions. It helps to:

  • systematize the work of the company as a whole, its employees and departments;
  • distribute responsibilities between employees and departments;
  • improve the quality of work. You will agree that when people know in what department they work, what are their main responsibilities, how to do their work, this increases their productivity.

And to achieve even more profitable results, the organizational structure of the enterprise can also be optimized.  This organizational chart template download will help you to do it more efficiently and accurately.

It is not so easy to optimize the company’s structure, because you have to be acquainted with the affairs of each structuredepartment and take into account a number of factors, because the wrong decision can be disastrous for the company. For example, you can combine two departments in one or move the employees of one department to another and disband the first one. The company’s structure optimization helps the enterprise to better and more efficiently operate on the market.

The composition of the template

This Organizational chart template is comprised of 36 unique ready-made slides. It represents the pack of the slides with organizational charts. The template is designed for Keynote users. The slides are available in 10 premade colors, so it is possible to choose the most suitable one. On the sample, you can see various modifications of the charts. Each slide has a unique structure and design. There are charts with various numbers of levels, horizontal and vertical orientation. Among such great diversity, everyone will manage to find an appropriate version.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Being the speaker’s image-maker, the presentation is able to demonstrate hisher professionalism and competence. Thus, this visual tool performs not only informative function. To present an excellent visual material, the speaker should pay attention to the quality of the chosen template, since some presentations may have nasty unexpected defects when the speaker tries to display it on high-resolution devices. The quality of this sample organizational chart is approved and guaranteed. You can be sure that the slides won’t lose quality or have such defects as visible pixels or blurred slides.
  1. Built-in tools. We apply built-in tools to all our templates. These elements allow you to edit such characteristics as size, colors, and others. This function simplifies your work and extends possibilities.
  1. Modern design. For each professional speaker, it is a well-known fact that design plays a crucial role for the success of the presentation. Color theme should not only match your logo or brand, but also looks stylish and smart. Thus, if you choose too vivid colors for your projects, they can distract the listeners from your speech. In such cases, they won’t simply remember your topic. Vice versa, too dark or gloomy themes will make the audience indifferent and they will quickly get bored. That is why organizational chart design inspiration allowed us to use minimalistic modern design with these 10 color combinations.
  1. Visualization elements. Visualization tools include a wide range of various elements such as tables, schemes, infographics, charts. The ability to simplify information and successfully visualize it combines all these tools. Organizational hierarchy chart template represents a set of charts that help you to visualize the structure of your company. Therefore, the listeners can easily consider the hierarchy of the enterprise.
  1. Multipurpose slides. This pack is useful for any company, enterprise. This tool will be helpful for each businessman. So, as the organizational structure should be in every company, organizational flow charts are rather popular and widely used. The slides can also be used in a number of business and marketing projects (such as startups, ideas, proposals, analyses) to present the company, introduce the team of employees.
  1. Easy-to-use premade pack. This template allows you to work efficiently, save working time, and simplify your responsibilities. Using this Organizational chart template, you’ll make the chart in a few minutes! The user doesn’t have to have special knowledge to be able to use this pack. The use of some of these slides will create a good impression and prove your expertise.
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