PEST analysis chart

The PEST analysis chart consists of one unique slide that is designed to be your assistant in the course of presentations creation. It is a ready-made template equipped with useful built-in tools to make your work more efficient and easy, facilitate working process, save time. The slide is printable. The quality is perfect. In case of demonstrating the slide on the projector, there won’t be visible pixels and blurred lines. It is a multipurpose easy-to-use template that is suitable for the users with different levels of computer skills.

PEST-analysis – is a method for analyzing the external (macro) environment, which is the basis for strategic analysis and is widely used to justify economic projects. The essence of the method is to identify the factors that create the environment of the organization that it can not influence.

Despite the fact that this tool is self-sufficient for assessing the external environment, it is most often used as an element of SWOT analysis. With the help of macro-environment analysis, you can consider the threats and opportunities that lie before your business. Use this tool to assess the impact of global factors that predetermine the future. The slide is widely used in business and marketing.

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