PEST analysis marketing

The PEST analysis marketing is a useful tool for office marketing and business work. It is easy to create analysis, projects, plans, using the slide. It becomes your assistant at conferences and meetings when it is highly important to present qualitative reports and projects.

PEST analysis is a convenient and simple way that different companies use to analyze the macro (or external) environment. The methodology of PEST-analysis is often used to assess key market trends in a particular area of ​​activity. The results of the PEST analysis are used to identify opportunities and threats in the process of making SWOT analysis of the enterprise.

PEST analysis is a tool for strategic long-term planning. PEST-analysis of the company’s external environment is made with the prospect for three to five years, annually updating the data. PEST analysis is often performed as a matrix in the form of a table or four squares. This slide includes four-columns table. It’s a ready-made easy-to-use slide of high quality. When working with the projector and demonstrating the projects and analysis on it, you won’t find visible pixels or other defects. This multipurpose template will help you to save personal time, work efficiently, and facilitate the process of analysis creation.

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